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In-Ceiling Speaker  
CM890i Preliminary Technical Information for System Engineers  
Preliminary Technical Information  
The information in this document reflects  
preliminary data. Items including polar  
plots, frequency, phase and impedance  
response graphs will be added when final  
data are available.  
Key Features  
• BroadBeamHP waveguide technology  
Specifications: CM890i  
Tile bridge included  
delivers a consistent dispersion pattern  
for maximum coverage area per speaker  
(up to 10 kHz, EASE documented).  
System Type  
8” Coax, compression tweeter w/ 1” exit, in-ceiling, ported (66  
Watt transformer for 25/70.7/100 Volt or voice coil / 8 Ohm direct)  
77 Hz - 20 kHz  
63 Hz - 20 kHz  
250 Watts  
125 Watts  
65 Watts  
116 dB  
95 dB  
8 Ohm  
5.35 (Averaged 100 Hz - 10 kHz); 7.89 @ 2 kHz  
6.49 dB (Averaged 100 Hz - 10 kHz); 8.97 dB @ 2 kHz  
6-Position rotary switch with voice coil direct (8 Ohm)  
Frequency Response (- 3 dB)1  
Low Frequency (-10 dB)1  
Max. Program Power  
66 Watt transformer and high output  
116 dB) for the sound reinforcement and  
Max. Continuous Power RMS2  
Max. UL program power3  
PA markets.  
One 203 mm (8.0 in) treated fiber driver  
and one compression driver with a 25.4 mm  
(1 in) exit mounted to a proprietary cast-  
Max. SPL dB @ 1 M  
Sensitivity dB @ 1W/1M4  
Impedance (nominal)  
Coverage Angle (-6 dB @ 2 kHz)  
Coverage Angle (-6 dB @ 8 kHz)  
Directivity Factor (Q)  
aluminum M8 baffle and heat sink.  
95 dB Average sensitivity offers high-  
output capabilities and reduced amplifi-  
cation costs.  
Directivity Index (DI)  
Tap Selector  
Separate tool-free magnetic grille &  
bezel assembly for ease of install and  
in-field painting.  
Transformer Taps  
0.7 V Output  
6 W 113 dB  
5 W 110.5 dB  
9 W 108 dB  
0 W 105 dB  
102 dB  
100 V Output  
25 V Output  
5 W 102 dB  
2.5 W 99 dB  
1.25 W 96 dB  
0.75 W 94 dB  
66 W 113 dB  
35 W 110.5 dB  
19 W 108 dB  
10 W 105 dB  
Iridite-plated, steel grille with protective  
powder-coated finish for lasting durability.  
Rapid-installation blind mount fixed  
wing mounting mechanism with con-  
stant tension design affixes to ceiling  
thickness tolerances ranging from 6.4  
mm (0.25 in) to 42.9 mm (1.69 in).  
Low Frequency Driver  
High Frequency Driver  
Low Frequency Voice Coil  
Crossover Frequency  
1 x 203 mm (8 in) Treated fiber cone, cloth surround  
1 Compression driver with waveguide and a 25.4 mm (1”) exit  
34 mm (1.36 in)  
UL 2043 approval pending.  
2.4 kHz  
Included accessories: Tile bridge,  
Euroblock connector & paint mask  
Network Type  
Low Pass  
High Pass  
Enclosure Material  
12 dB per octave, 2nd order  
12 dB per octave, 2nd order  
Drawn aluminum backcan with ABS baffle  
Cast aluminum  
Iridite-plated steel with powder-coat finish  
4 Pin, 5 mm Euroblock for individual or daisy chain connection  
Black or white  
296.7 mm / 11.68 in  
201.7 mm / 7.94 in  
375.0 mm / 14.76 in  
27.5 mm / 1.08 in  
/installation aid.  
• Optional accessories: Pre-Construc-  
tion Bracket  
The CM890i is a premium 8.0” 2-way,  
in-ceiling, high-efficiency, high-SPL  
loudspeaker for distributed or 8 Ohm  
applications. The CM890i incorporates  
a dedicated 8.0” treated fiber driver and  
high-power compression transducer with  
Backcan Diameter  
Backcan Height  
Visible Diameter  
Visible Height  
6.5 kG / 14.3 lbs  
Shipping Weight  
a BroadBeamHP waveguide to deliver a  
Tile bridge, Euroblock connector, back cover plate & installation aid  
Pre-Construction Bracket (AC-CM8-PCB),  
Junction Box (AC-CM-JBOX)  
consistent dispersion pattern and superb  
intelligibility for the foreground music,  
sound reinforcement and PA markets. The  
CM890i also incorporates a 66 Watt trans-  
former with a 6-position tap switch and  
voice coil/8 Ohm direct position. Mount-  
ing hardware and tile-bridge are included  
and feature a fast and secure constant-ten-  
sion fixed wing mounting system.  
2 per box  
Frequency response is measured in half space.  
Continuous power rating, EIA-426-B test.  
UL testing specifies band-limited pink noise over the indicated frequency spectrum.  
4 2  
.83 Volts at a distance of 1 meter.  
SoundTube continually develops new product innovations and improvements. Updates to existing  
products without prior notice are an example of SoundTube’s drive for constant improvement.  
2006 SoundTube Entertainment. All rights reserved. PN TS-CM590 REV 04.04.06  

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