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Ins tallation  
Your new subwoofer is equipped with speaker-level and line-level inputs. Use the LINE LEVEL  
jacks when connecting your subwoofer to a pre-amp, signal processor (such as LFE out), line-  
level crossover, or receiver with pre-amp level outputs. When using the line level jacks, some  
receivers may not provide enough signal to have the unit’s auto-on feature operate properly.  
Additionally, this lack of signal may also cause the subwoofer to produce less output than it is  
capable of.  
To alleviate this condition, we recommend the following steps:  
never use just the left or just the right input. If using line level connections from a  
preamp or signal processor, use both Left and Right inputs from your preprocessor or  
preamp and connect them to the Left and Right inputs on your subwoofer. (See figure 2a  
on page 10.)  
) If using a receiver with LFE out, be sure the LFE channel is sending adequate signal to the  
subwoofer. The subwoofer’s default volume setting is 30 on a 1-80 scale (roughly 1/3  
volume). Adjust the LFE channel on your receiver or processor to achieve the desired bass  
output. See your receiver or processor’s owner’s manual for more information. (See figure  
b on page 11.)  
Volume Control  
This control allows you to balance the output from the subwoofer to the main speakers in your  
system. This control should be set to achieve similar output levels from both the main speakers  
and subwoofer when listening to music. The default volume setting is 30 on a 1-80 scale.  
Some manufacturers preset their receivers with the Sub-Out channel signal at a minimum level.  
It is very important to verify that your receiver Sub-Out channel is set to the same output level  
as your front right and left channels. Refer to your receiver manual for the individual channel  
level adjustment procedure. If your receiver Sub-Out channel is set too low, the subwoofer may  
appear to have a weak output, it may sound noisy or distorted, and the Auto On/Off feature  
may not operate properly.  
Low-pass Crossover - 40 to 120 Hz  
All inputs sum the left and right channels together, with the resulting signal passing through an  
adjustable low-pass crossover before being amplified. The crossover control allows you to adjust  
the upper limit of the subwoofer’s frequency response from 40 to 120 Hz. The subwoofer’s  
response will begin rolling off above the frequency you set this control to. You should set the  
crossover frequency to obtain a smooth and seamless transition from the subwoofer to the  
main speakers in your system. If your main speakers are smaller with limited low frequency  
output, you may wish to choose a higher frequency (such as 100 - 120 Hz) than you would with  
larger speakers which have greater low frequency output. The default crossover setting is 80  
Hz. With larger speakers, you may want to set this even lower, for example 70 Hz.  
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DEQ-R Series User’s Manual  

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