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out” jack that performs this same function and are designed to be  
used with a powered subwoofer.  
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In these installations, you may want to bypass the crossover in  
either the processor or the Velodyne subwoofer. In some cases,  
you may want to use BOTH crossovers. To do this, you can use  
both your processor’s crossover and the one internal to theVelodyne  
sub. You should stagger the frequencies (i.e., 120 Hz subwoofer, 80  
Hz processor) for best results.  
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To bypass the subwoofer’s internal crossover when the unit is being  
fed a low pass signal from another crossover, simply locate the  
knob marked “LOW-PASS CROSSOVER” on the rear panel of the  
subwoofer and turn it counterclockwise to the “DIRECT” position.  
This will eliminate the internal crossover from the signal path.  
If not using an external crossover, you should use the built-in  
crossover for optimal performance. When using a single RCA sub  
out from the processor, it does not matter which line level input (L/R)  
is used.  
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When installing your new Velodyne subwoofer using the line-level  
connections, you should always use shielded phono cables. There  
are many decent cables available today, most any of which will  
work perfectly well. We do recommend that you keep the length of  
cable as short as possible to avoid any potential noise problems.  
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When using speaker level connections, use a quality speaker cable  
that mates well with the connectors (at least 14-gauge). Be very  
careful to avoid any loose or frayed strands that could result in a  
short, causing a dangerous condition and possible damage to your  
unit. Cables of extremely large size are typically not required. Ex-  
tremely large gauge wire may not properly fit in the binding posts,  
resulting in a poor connection and possible short circuits.  
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True subwoofers operate at extremely low frequencies, which are  
primarily omni-directional. While it is recommended that the  
subwoofers be placed on the same plane as the satellite speakers,  
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