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Balancing tone for the sound you like  
The acoustics of your room affects the sound you hear there. Upholstered furniture, carpets,  
and drapes absorb sound, which can muffle the treble (high frequencies). Bare floors, walls,  
and furniture have the opposite effect and can make the treble sound shrill.  
A bass compensation control on the Acoustimass module enables you to balance the tones  
you hear.  
There are two ways to adjust the bass:  
Turn the control clockwise to increase or counterclockwise to decrease bass.  
Reposition the module. To increase bass, turn the front of the module toward a wall or other  
nearby surface. To decrease bass, aim the front from the wall.  
What to do  
The speaker system does not  
• Make sure all connections are secure. (See “Making  
connections” on page 8.)  
Check your speaker wires for damage or frays, which  
can cause an open or short circuit.  
Be sure that the sound source is plugged in and !  
playing at an audible volume.  
Make sure the power is on and the system is not  
muted. The LED on the control pod should be green  
when unmuted.  
If using a PC, check your sound card settings to make  
sure the “Digital output only” setting is turned OFF.  
This setting is typically found in the Options menu of  
the volume control icon. This icon is usually located in  
the lower right-hand corner of the Windows desktop.  
The speaker system sound!  
seems distorted  
• Decrease the volume of the sound source and  
increase the speaker system volume using the control  
One speaker does not perform Check connections from the speakers, control pod,  
or sounds distorted  
and computer to the Acoustimass module. (See  
Making connections” on page 8.)  
Be sure the cable from the unheard speaker is firmly  
inserted in the proper To Speaker jack on the module.  
Switch the connection of both speakers to jacks on  
the rear of the Acoustimass module.  
If this does not resolve the problem for the !  
originally unheard speaker, this speaker may be  
the cause. Contact Bose Customer Service.  
If the problem switches to the other speaker (the  
one that previously performed) a defective output  
channel on the sound source may be the cause.  
Try a different source.  
If this does not resolve the problem, the Acousti-  
mass module may be the cause. Contact Bose  
Customer Service.  
Check balance levels on your sound source.  
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