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Two-Way Speaker System  
with Transformer  
8-inch woofer and DH2005 compres-  
sion driver for great sound and  
reliable performance  
Constant-directivity 90° x 65° high-  
frequency horn with VariPath  
geometry for uniform coverage  
Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMD ) for  
increased intelligibility  
60-watt transformer with selectable  
Molded-in attachment points allow for  
use with brackets  
Available in paintable black (Sx80TB)  
or white (Sx80TW)  
of horizontal and vertical coverage angles,  
and to parts of the audience that typically do  
not receive the strongest coverage.  
input power to the high-frequency driver  
exceeds the nominal rating, the protection  
circuit is activated and reduces the power  
delivered to the driver by 6 dB. The system  
will remain in this mode of operation until  
the input power is reduced to a safe level.  
The Electro-Voice Sx80T is a compact, two-  
way, high-efficiency, constant-directivity  
speaker system for sound reinforcement and  
monitoring. The small size, high sensitivity  
and high power-handling capacity of  
the Sx80T make it an excellent choice for  
use in studios, clubs, bars, theaters or other  
applications. An internal, 60-watt line trans-  
former with selectable taps allows easy con-  
nection to 70-volt or 100-volt speaker lines  
in distributed systems.  
One of the many other unique features of the  
Sx80T is the cabinet. Constructed of high-  
impact polystyrene it provides a stiff and  
extremely durable enclosure. The cabinet  
includes M6 threaded inserts for the optional  
Sx80MB U-bracket.  
The low-frequency section of the Sx80T is  
a 203-mm (8-in.) direct radiating woofer in-  
stalled in an optimally-vented enclosure.  
This results in exceptionally extended bass  
response and high efficiency in a very small  
It also has inserts for installing with an  
OmniMount Series 75 mounting system.  
The Sx80T’s high-frequency horn is driven  
by the DH2005 one-inch throat, wide-band-  
width, titanium-diaphragm driver. This  
driver uses a unique, convex-drive Time  
Path™ phasing plug structure (U.S. Patent  
#4,525,604) for smooth and extended high-  
frequency performance. The voice coil is  
coupled to the diaphragm with EV’s exclu-  
sive Resonant Drive™ Technology. This in-  
creases and smooths the high-frequency re-  
sponse and reduces the amount of internal  
equalization required for flat frequency re-  
sponse, which extends to 20,000 Hz.  
Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMD )  
Through extensive use of computer-aided  
design and modeling, Electro-Voice engi-  
neers have developed a state-of-the-art pro-  
fessional loudspeaker system.  
The Sx80T controls both acoustical and me-  
chanical ring modes to provide dramatically  
increased intelligibility, using techniques  
learned from the development of the  
Electro-Voice X-array™ concert speakers.  
There is much less coloration of the sound  
from resonating sources, leaving only the in-  
tended sound to be heard by the audience.  
The high-frequency section of the Sx80T uti-  
lizes a molded-in 90° x 65° constant-direc-  
tivity horn. This unique pattern contributes  
to high intelligibility and aims the speakers  
output where it is most useful. Vocals sound  
natural yet "cut through" in reverberant,  
noisy rooms. In addition, the coverage pat-  
tern is unusually uniform over its range of  
High-Frequency Protection Circuit  
operation. The horn's unique, VariPath  
A self-resetting high-frequency protection  
circuit, EV’s PRO™ circuit, is included with  
the Sx80T to prevent against accidental over-  
drive and improve system reliability. If the  
The Sx80T crossover includes the Electro-  
Voice automatically resetting PRO™circuit  
for high-frequency driver protection. This  
circuit permits short-term transients to pass,  
throat geometry helps direct driver output to  
the corners of the room, to points of cover-  
age not described in the usual specifications  

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