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Checkthe speakers for playbackfirst bysetting the system  
volume control to a minimumlevel, and then byapplying power to  
your audio system. Playa favorite music or video segment and  
increase the systemvolume control to a comfortable level.  
NOTE:You should hear balanced audio reproduction across the  
entire frequencyspectrum. If not, checkall wiring connections or  
consult the authorized Infinitydealer fromwhomyou purchased  
the systemfor more help.  
The amount of bass you hear and the stereo-image qualitywill be  
affected bya number of different factors, including the room’s  
size and shape, the construction materials used to build the  
room, the listener’s position relative to the speakers, and the  
position of the speakers in the room.  
Listen to a varietyof music selections and note the bass level.  
If there is too much bass, move the speakers awayfromnearby  
walls. Conversely, if you place the speakers closer to the walls,  
there will be more bass output.  
Nearbyreflecting surfaces can adverselyaffect stereo-imaging  
quality. If this happens, tryangling the speakers slightlyinward  
toward the listening position until the desired effect is achieved.  
Each Interlude Series cabinet has a wood-vinyl finish that  
does not require anyroutine maintenance.When needed, use  
a soft cloth, dampened with water only, to remove any  
fingerprints or dust.  
Clean the grille bygentle vacuuming.  
NOTE: Do not use anycleaning products or polishes on the  
cabinet or grille.  

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