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Painting in-wall grilles  
Removing the cloth grille:  
Tweeter Switch (RTSC/RTSFX)  
The RTSC/RTSFX are supplied with two grilles,  
one perforated aluminum, the other cloth-covered  
plastic. The perforated aluminum grille may be  
painted, while you may dye the cloth grille.  
The RTSC/RTSFX cloth grille fits tightly to the speaker  
baffle. If you use the cloth grille, take special care  
when removing it.  
If your listening room is very reflective, with smooth  
sheetrock walls, hardwood floors, and non-cushioned  
furniture, the sound will be overly “bright” and unnatu-  
ral. Selecting the “cut” setting compensates for the  
effect of reflectivity in a hard room. Tweeter attenua-  
tion flattens room response, without hindering higher  
frequency response, for warmer, more realistic sound  
and more accurate imaging.  
Important Note: Never use any tool, such as a paper-  
clip, to remove the grille, as this could tear the cloth.  
Required tools:  
1. Paint of your choice (grilles must be spray painted).  
2. A paperclip or corkscrew (for removing the  
paintable grille).  
Instead, use your hands (after you’ve washed them),  
grasping the grille frame near two of its mounting cups  
and pulling the frame firmly away from the baffle.  
. Masking tape  
Wall Distance Switch (RTSFX)  
4. Paint mask (supplied; covers un-paintable parts)  
In-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers excel when placed  
more than 2' (60cm) from side walls. If position limita-  
tions demand that in-wall loudspeakers be installed  
closer than 2' (60cm) from side walls, the proximity of  
the surface can result in a response “bump” between  
Painting the aluminum mesh grille:  
The grille of the RTS Series speaker features an  
even, protective paint. This paint is an ideal primer.  
1. Separate the parts of the speaker. If the speaker  
is not yet installed, the grille can be removed  
simply by pushing the clamp screws forward  
to push the grille off the speaker from the inside.  
2. Remove the cloth scrim from the inside of the grille.  
3. When painting the speaker frame, use the supplied  
paint masks to carefully mask off the front of the  
speakers to protect the drivers and baffles. You can  
do this while the speaker is already installed in the  
wall (if, for instance, you’re repainting the room).  
If you do not have the paint masks, carefully mask  
the speaker components using paper and masking  
tape. Use a paper clip to remove the grille.  
1. Paint the grille.  
0 and 200Hz. This can cause in-wall speakers to sound  
Note: Grilles must be spray painted. Do not use  
a brush and paint. Thick, brushed paint may clog  
the grille holes. Use thin coats of spray paint.  
If you’re using a compressor and spray gun, use  
the finest, most diffused setting. Be careful not  
to fill the holes in the grille with paint.  
boomy.” The Wall Distance Switch flattens response  
and tunes out “boominess” without sacrificing deep  
bass response, for more lifelike sound.  
If placement is closer than 2' to a wall: Engage the  
Wall Distance Switch (“Wall Dist.”) to match the <2'  
setting. Recommended speaker distance from side  
walls is 2 feet (60cm).  
2. When the paint is completely dry, press the white  
cloth scrim into place and carefully reinstall the  
grille by fitting it into its recess so that it is just  
resting on the frame. Starting with one corner,  
go around the speaker and push the grille into  
the grille notch a little bit at a time. Be gentle;  
the grille may be easily bent by rough handling.  
You will feel a positive “snap” when the grille  
is fully in place.  
RTSC/RTSFX THX Ultra2 Performance  
For THX Ultra2 performance, use the cloth grille;  
set the Tweeter Switch (RTSc/RTSFX) to the “normal”  
position; on the RTSFX, set the Wall Distance Switch  
to the greater than two feet (>2) position.  
Painting the frame:  
. Apply paint to exposed (unmasked) parts.  
Use two or more thin coats.  
. When the paint is completely dry, remove  
the masking material.  
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