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DX-112/212 Digital Guitar Amplifier  
The Input Jacks:  
The DX-112/212 has two input jacks – High Gain (straight) and Low Gain (padded) – to accom-  
modate a wide range of pickups and playing styles. The jack you use depends on your type of  
pickups and the sounds you’re after.  
For example, most players will plug their guitars into the High Gain jack. These players include those  
with “normal output” pickups and some players with “hot” pickups who are looking for some  
added distortion.  
Some players will choose the Low Gain jack. These players are mostly those with “hot”/active  
pickups who want a cleaner sound, with more headroom for the Gain control.  
When nothing is plugged into either jack, the DX-112/212 mutes its internal speaker(s).  
The Stereo Line Out/In Jacks:  
The DX-112/212 has a Stereo Line In and Line Out jack (rear panel), for use as a stereo effects  
loop, or to send a preamplified signal to an external stereo power amp.  
To use an effects loop, connect the Line Out jack to the input of the effects device, then connect  
the output of the device to the Line In jack.  
To send a preamplified signal, connect a stereo signal cable from the Line Out jack to the input of  
the stereo power amplifier.  
The jacks are wired as follows: TIP = left channel, RING = right channel, SLEEVE = ground.  
The Line Out jack signal is post master, post eq, and post effects.  
to DX-112  
Line Out jack  
to DX-112  
Line In jack  
If you want to connect a DX-112 to  
another guitar amplifier for stereo  
sound, you’ll need to make a custom  
patch cable like the one shown to the  
right. Use this cable to connect your  
DX-112 Line Out jack to the Line In  
jack of the second guitar amp AND  
the DX-112 Line In jack.  
2T, 2R  
1T, 2R  
(N/A) 1S,2S  
to second guitar amp's Line In jack  

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