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InputꢀlevelꢀControl The input level control (gain) is used to obtain the best  
possible match between the head unit audio output and  
the amplifier input. Begin by turning the input level control  
fully counterclockwise. Next, turn up the head unit volume  
control around 3/4 of the way up. Adjust the input level  
control clockwise until audible distortion is heard, then  
slightly counterclockwise to provide the best match.  
Repeat for all input level controls.  
InputꢀModeꢀSwitch Select 2ꢀCHmode if the head unit only has 1 pair of RCA  
XPA4100) outputs. Plug the RCA’s from the head unit into channels  
/2 or 3/4. All 4 amplifier inputs will receive a signal.  
NOTE: There is no fader function when using 2ꢀCHmode.  
Select 4ꢀCHmode if the head unit has 2 pairs of RCA  
outputs. Plug the RCA’s from the head unit into channels  
/2 and 3/4.  
CrossoverꢀꢀMode The crossover is used to filter out frequencies above or  
XPA2100ꢀ&ꢀXPA4100) below a certain point. Choose LPFwhen using the amplifier  
with subwoofers, HPFwhen using with midrange/tweeter  
combinations and FULLwhen using with coaxial-type  
NOTEChoose FULLwhen using the amplifier in stereo/  
bridged simultaneous mode. In this mode, passive  
crossovers are required. Failure to use the correct passive  
components may damage the amplifier and/or speakers.  
Consult a qualified professional for recommendations.  
CrossoverꢀFrequencyꢀControl This control allows precise adjustment of the crossover  
BassꢀBoost This control provides additional boost @ 45Hz when used  
with subwoofers. Adjust this control with caution - as  
improper use can damage speakers!  
LEDꢀIndicator The LED indicator illuminates green during normal  
operation (POWER) and red when the amplifier detects a  
fault (PROTECT).  

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