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Installation, cont’d  
The kit provides a convenient means to replace the XPA's IEC  
power cord with conduit, where required by local codes.  
Vent Space  
Make sure that the source device and the XPA are  
turned off and disconnected from the power source  
before you begin.  
Vent Space  
Vent Space  
Vent Space  
UL requirements  
The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements listed below  
pertain to the installation of the flexible conduit onto a XPA 1002  
or XPA 2001.  
Vent Space  
Vent Space  
This unit is not to be used beyond its rated voltage range.  
This unit must be wired to a UL listed distribution box.  
Allow sufꢀcient spacing for adequate ventilation  
The UL approved electrical distribution box is not included  
with either the XPA or the Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit;  
the installer is responsible for obtaining and installing the  
Flexible conduit adapter kit installation  
The circuit breaker used for this connection should  
be rated no lower than 20 amps and no greater than  
Installing the flexible conduit kit  
Install flexible conduit to the XPA by following the steps below.  
0 amps.  
Unplug the IEC power cord from the power amplifier.  
This unit must be installed in accordance with the  
National Electrical Code and with all local codes.  
An ALL-POLE MAINS SWITCH with a contact  
separation of at least 3 mm in each pole shall be  
incorporated in the electrical installation of the  
building. The installation shall be carried out in  
accordance with all applicable installation rules.  
Remove the 8 screws from the top and sides of the XPA  
and lift off the cover. See the following illustration.  
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage IC chips  
even though you cannot feel it. You must be  
electrically grounded before touching anything inside  
the XPA. A grounding wrist strap is recommended.  
Installation and service must be performed by a  
qualiꢀed electrician only.  
A UL listed electrical distribution box is  
recommended for the termination of the conduit  
opposite the XPA. See the following "UL  
requirements" section.  
The optional Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit (Extron part  
#70-228-02) consists of  
One EMT adapter plate  
One 6-foot long electrical conduit  
Three 7.5 feet, 18-gauge spade connector power wires  
One UL rated zip tie wrap  
Three auxiliary crimp style spade connectors designed for  
4- to 16-gauge wires  
If needed, Extron recommends using a UL-rated crimp  
tool to terminate the spade connectors. One recommended  
choice is the Molex crimp tool (Molex part #19285-0008).  
XTRA Series • Installation  
XTRA Series • Installation  

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