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Installation, cont’d  
Elevated operating ambient temperature — If installed  
in a closed or multi-unit rack assembly, the operating  
ambient temperature of the rack environment may be  
greater than room ambient temperature. Therefore, install  
the equipment in an environment compatible with the  
maximum ambient temperature (Tma = +122 °F, +50 °C)  
specified by Extron.  
1U Universal Rack Shelf  
1/2 Rack Width Front False  
Reduced air ꢁow — Install the equipment in a rack so that  
the amount of air ꢀow required for safe operation of the  
equipment is not compromised.  
Front false  
uses 2  
Mechanical loading — Mount the equipment in the rack  
so that a hazardous condition is not achieved due to  
uneven mechanical loading.  
Circuit overloading — Connect the equipment to  
the supply circuit and consider the effect that circuit  
overloading might have on overcurrent protection and  
supply wiring. Appropriate consideration of equipment  
nameplate ratings should be used when addressing this  
2) 4-40 x 3/16"  
NOTE: Using screws longer  
than 3/16” will damage the  
unit and void the warranty.  
Use 2 mounting holes on  
opposite corners.  
Reliable earthing (grounding) — Maintain reliable  
grounding of rack-mounted equipment. Pay particular  
attention to supply connections other than direct  
connections to the branch circuit (e.g. use of power strips).  
Rack mounting of the ampliꢀer  
Attach the false front panel (provided with rack shelf part  
60-190-01) to the unoccupied side of the rack (as shown  
Rack mounting  
above), or install a second half-rack-width device in that  
side by repeating steps 1 through 3.  
The XPA 1002 or XPA 2001 can be mounted in a rack shelf using  
the optional RSU 129 1U Universal rack shelf (Extron part  
60-190-01) or the 1U Basic rack shelf (Extron part #60-604-01),  
as follows.  
Attach the rack shelf to the rack using four 10-32 x ¾" bolts  
(provided). Insert the bolts through #10 beveled washers,  
then through the holes in the rack, as shown above.  
If feet were installed on the bottom of the amplifier,  
remove them.  
Rack mounting ventilation recommendations  
Excessive heat can decrease the optimal lifetime of the power  
amplifier. An over temp indicator LED on the front panel of  
the amplifier lights red whenever the recommended ambient  
temperature has been exceeded (see "Front Panel Features and  
Operation" in chapter 3).  
Place the amplifier on one half of the rack shelf. Align the  
front of the amplifier with the front of the shelf, and align  
the threaded holes on the bottom of the amplifier with the  
holes in the rack shelf.  
Attach the amplifier to the rack shelf with the two  
provided 4-40 x 3/16” machine screws. Insert the screws  
from the underside of the shelf, and securely fasten them  
into diagonally-opposite corners.  
To reduce the chances for an over temp condition, the XPA(s)  
should be arranged in a rack environment so that adequate  
airflow is available both above and below the XPA whenever  
possible. No more than two XPAs should be arranged one-  
on-top-of-the-other in a rack without an open space between  
them, as shown in the following illustration. An XPA can also  
be arranged above or below another non-XPA device, but there  
must be an open space both above and below those devices.  
See the following illustration.  
XTRA Series • Installation  
XTRA Series • Installation  

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