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Important Safety and Installation Information  
dimmer-controlled lighting, bright sunlight, and reflective surfaces  
such as mirrors or blank walls. You maywish to temporarily  
place the component to be controlled using the sensor in the  
proposed location in order to test the integrityofIRsignals.  
Front-Panel Controls  
¡Input Cable Connection Block Using standard IDT  
punch-down tools, connect the Category5/5e cable linking the  
AB1 to the receiver to this connection block in accordance with  
the color code printed on the circuit board.  
Thank you for Choosing Harman Kardon. With your pur-  
chase ofa newAB1 Amplified In-WallModule you willbe able  
to extend the flexibilityofyour home entertainment systemso  
that it delivers sound to another roomin your home. Custom-  
Low-voltage wiring systems must be properlyinstalled to mini-  
mize the possibilityofaccidentalcontact with hazardous power  
and lighting wiring. Never place remote controlwiring near bare  
power wires or lightning rods, antennas, transformers, steamor  
hot water pipes, or heating ducts. Never run lowvoltage wire in  
anyconduit, box, channel, duct or other enclosure containing  
power or lighting circuits ofanytype. In addition to ensuring  
proper separation between anyACpower wiring and the  
When determining the specific location for anAB1, keep in  
mind that it should be in a convenient place where it maybe  
operated manually, or that, when it is used with a remote con-  
trol, the mounting position enables the built-in IRsensor to “see”  
commands fromanyplace in the room. In practice, the AB1  
maybe mounted close to other wallswitches, but remember  
that the AB1 should NEVERbe installed in the same gang box  
as anyswitch or product, such as a light switch or dimmer,  
where ACline voltage is present.  
Output Level Trims These trimpots are used to match  
the output levelofthe AB1 module to the specific speakers  
in use.  
designed for use exclusivelywith Harman Kardon A-BUS/  
Ready receivers, the AB1 enables you to send a separate  
source to the remote roomand power most speakers without  
the need for an additionalamplifier through one single  
Category5/5e cable. Thanks to a built-in IRsensor, you  
mayalso controlsource selection, operate compatible  
HarmanKardon source components and turn the systemon  
and offusing the Zone IIremote packaged with your receiver.  
£Speaker Terminal Block The wire used to connect the  
AB1 to your speakers is connected to this terminalblock. Insert  
the wire in accordance with the color coding shown and then  
tighten the screw. Note that the maximumwire size is 14 AWG.  
Category5/5e cable used forA-BUS, it is important to avoid  
running the A-BUS cable in parallelto anyACwiring. Always  
maintain at least the minimumseparation betweenACwiring  
and the A-BUS cable orANYlow-voltage cable that is required  
bythe NECor anyapplicable localbuilding codes or regulations.  
Installation and Connection  
When planning the installation, it is also wise to consider the  
distance fromthe AB1 module to the speakers, particularly  
when theyare in-wallor ceiling mounted. Be certain that there  
are no solid walls or load-bearing structures that would prevent  
the speaker wires fromreaching their location.  
In order to fullyenjoythe benefits ofremote keypad control,  
please take a fewminutes to read this owner’s manual. It  
contains important information that willguide you through the  
correct and safe installation ofyourAmplified In-WallModule.  
Ifyou do not have experience installing in-wallelectricaland  
telecommunications components, you are advised to consult  
with a qualified low-voltage contractor or custominstaller.  
Make sure to followallinstructions when preparing wiring for  
use with the AB1 module. Failure to do so mayresult in a  
potentialsafetyhazard, including possible danger to persons  
and/or equipment.  
• Before beginning the installation process, make certain  
that all electronic products in the system are turned off  
and disconnected from their A/Vpower connection.  
This avoids the possibility of accidental activation,  
which could possibly damage the equipment or cause  
personal injury. Do not turn on the equipment until  
instructed to do so.  
• Be certain to observe all appropriate safety measures  
when installing any wiring, including, but not limited to,  
the use of eye protection when required, and attention  
to the required distances between low-voltage wiring  
and high-voltage ACmains wiring.  
Ifyou willbe running the cable through a ventilation plenum,  
remember to use plenum-rated cable to complywith NECand  
other safetyrequirements. Failure to do so mayresult in a  
potentialfire or safetyhazard.  
The wiring used to connect the AB1 to the A-BUS/Ready  
receiver maybe Category5, 5e (or better) wiring. Be certain  
that anysafetyrequirements mandating the use ofplenum  
wiring are taken into account. The speaker wiring should also be  
in-wallrated as required, and maynot exceed 14 AWG. To sim-  
plifywiring you maywish to use two-pair CL-3 rated in-wall  
wiring and run a single cable fromthe AB1 to both locations.  
One pair willbe used to connect the first speaker and the other  
willcontinue to the second speaker.  
Screw Holes After you have completed installation, these  
screwholes accept the screws supplied with your Decora-style  
wallplate to attach it to the AB1.  
Ifyou have anyquestions about this product, its installation or its  
operation, please contact your retailer or custominstaller. They  
are your best source ofproduct information.  
Screw Slots Use the supplied machine screws to attach  
Always observe the appropriate safetycodes for concealed  
wiring. Be extremelycarefulnot to cut through or drillinto con-  
cealed wiring or pipes. Make a smallinspection opening before  
cutting or drilling.  
the AB1 to an electricaljunction boxor plaster ring through  
these slots.  
3Volume /¤Buttons Pressing these buttons  
raises or lowers the volume levelofthe speakers connected  
to the AB1.  
Designed for simple installation bya custominstaller or  
advanced do-it-yourselfhobbyist, the AB1 willadd to your lis-  
tening pleasure bydistributing sound beyond the confines of  
your main listening roomwith the levelofperformance and  
product design elegance Harman Kardon has been known for  
throughout its fifty-year history.  
Dust or dirt can cause specialproblems on wiring contacts.  
Be sure allcontacts are clean, and that allparts are installed  
correctlyto protect themfromdust and dirt.  
Step One: Run a Category 5/5e cable from the receiver  
location to the module.  
Speaker Selection  
4IRSensor – This sensor receives signals froma remote  
control, such as the Zone IIremote supplied with Harman Kardon  
multichannel-capable receivers, and passes themon to the  
receiver or other compatible source components.  
Run a splice-free Category5/5e cable fromthe location where  
the AB1 module willbe installed to the location where the  
A-BUS/Readyreceiver is placed. At each end, make certain to  
leave sufficient wire for ease ofinstallation. Anyextra wire may  
be trimmed back during the installation. Remember that you will  
need to have access to the rear ofthe AB1 after the module is  
connected, but before the module is secured into the wallbox.  
The AB1 is compatible with most modern in-wallor ceiling  
speakers, provided that theyhave an efficiencyrated at 88dB  
or greater. Minimumspeaker impedance is sixohms.  
Your newHarman KardonAB1 Amplified In-WallModule  
has been custom-designed for use with Harman Kardon’s  
A-BUS/Readyproducts and it is also compatible with other  
A-BUS-compatible systems. Do not connect it to any  
other device.  
Simple connection to anyA-BUS/ReadyHarman Kardon  
It is possible to run two pairs ofspeakers fromone AB1,  
but we do not recommend that due to the degradation in  
5Status LED–The LEDbehind the red windowwilllight  
when the AB1 is connected to anA-BUS/Readyreceiver  
that is turned on. It is nowreadyto accept controlcommands,  
as long as the AVR’s Multiroomsystemis activated. It will  
flash when a command is received froma compatible  
remote control.  
Touch button controlfor volume up/down  
Built-in IRsensor for controlofcompatible Harman Kardon  
source devices  
The AB1 is onlyto be installed byqualified personneland as  
per the requirements ofallapplicable state and localbuilding  
codes, as wellas NEC(NationalElectricalCode) requirements.  
Check with your localauthorities as needed to ensure that  
allwiring inside walls is installed in compliance with the  
proper standards. Failure to do so maypresent a potential  
Step Two: Prepare and install an RJ-45 plug at the  
receiver end of the system.  
What Is Included  
YourAB1 in-wallmodule includes two mounting screws: self-  
starting, universal-head machine screws.  
Decora -style wall-plate blends perfectlywith other in-wall  
The connection and cable termination at the receiver end ofthe  
installation is a standard RJ-45 connector using the TIAT568A  
Rear-Panel Connections  
Mounts in most standard electricaljunction boxes or  
plaster rings  
You are responsible for providing a Decora-style wall-plate,  
available in a varietyofcolors and finishes at your localhard-  
ware retailer.  
Uses standard Category5/5e cable and RJ-45 connections  
for easyinstallation  
Connect an RJ-45 plug to the end ofthe wire as follows.  
Looking at the connector with its clip down and the wires  
coming out ofthe connector toward you, numbered fromleft  
to right, the typicalpincolors are as follows:  
Ifyou have anydoubt about your abilityto work with electrical  
and telecommunications wiring, you are advised to hire a  
professionallicensed electrician or custominstaller to install  
this product.  
You are also responsible for providing the speakers and a  
sufficient length ofCategory5/5e (or better) UTP (unshielded  
twisted pair) cable and an RJ-45 modular plug. The wiring  
scheme is the standard TIAT568Aconfiguration. The maximum  
length should not exceed 150 feet in order to avoid degrading  
the signal. Further information on the correct wiring configuration  
is provided in these instructions.  
L– L+  
R+ R–  
L+ L–  
R– R+  
Typographical Conventions  
In order to help you use this guide with the front-panelcontrols  
and rear-panelconnections, the following typographicalconven-  
tions have been used:  
Pin #  
Striped Wire Pairs  
White with Green Stripe  
Solid Wire Colors  
Installation Planning  
Example – Indicates a specific front-panelbutton or rear-panel  
connection jack  
The AB1 maybe installed in anylocation appropriate for stan-  
dard in-wallelectricalcomponents. You are responsible for  
selecting and properlyinstalling an appropriate electricaljunction  
boxor plaster ring. Be sure to check the fit ofthe boxor ring  
with the AB1 before installation into the wall.  
White with Orange Stripe White  
– Indicates a specific front-panelcontrolor indicator  
– Indicates a rear-panelconnection  
R CH  
White with Blue Stripe  
Since the AB1 uses a built-in infrared sensor to relaycom-  
mands to the A/Vreceiver, be sure to avoid installing the AB1  
in an area subject to potentialinterference with the IRsignal.  
Possible sources ofinterference include plasma video displays,  
White with Brown Stripe White  
Brown Brown  

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