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Connecting the Full Power Balanced  
Amplifier to Your System  
. Insert the end of the AC mains power cord  
into the AC wall receptacle.  
. Proceed with Krell Link Connections, if  
desired, or turn to Amplifier Operation, on  
page 15.  
Krell recommends using its proprietary Krell  
CAST system for unparalleled sonic perfor-  
mance between the Full Power Balanced  
amplifiers and other CAST-equipped compo-  
nents and the KPS 25sc Krell Playback Sys-  
Krell Link Remote out/in connectors on the  
back panel of the Full Power Balanced amplifi-  
er allow you to synchronize remote control  
operation for systems that include multiple  
amplifiers and associated components. When  
the Krell Link Remote out/in connectors are  
used, the remote capabilities of the linked com-  
ponents are controlled from one amplifier or  
preamplifier, called the control component. The  
linked components respond to stand-by and  
operational mode commands from the control  
component via MIDI cables.  
Full Power Balanced amplifiers also offer bal-  
anced operation. The circuitry and connections  
associated with balanced operation not only  
can minimize sonic loss but also are immune to  
induced noise, especially for installations using  
long cables.  
A one piece RCA-to-XLR adapter is available  
from Krell Industries, to allow single-ended oper-  
ation using the balanced XLR inputs.  
The following steps describe how to connect  
cables to the Full Power Balanced Amplifiers.  
Krell Link uses standard five pin MIDI commu-  
nication cables, sometimes referred to as MIDI  
Plus cables. MIDI cables can be purchased  
from your authorized distributor or dealer, or  
from an audio supply store.  
. Neatly arrange and organize wiring to and  
from the amplifier and all components. Sep-  
arate AC wires from audio cables to prevent  
hum or other unwanted noise from being  
introduced into the system.  
. Connect the Krell CAST cables from your  
CAST-enabled preamplifier/source compo-  
nent to the left and right Krell CAST 4-pin  
bayonet inputs on the amplifier back panel.  
For balanced operation, connect the inter-  
connect cable from your preamplifier to the  
left and right balanced XLR input on the  
amplifier back panel.  
How to Connect Components  
through Krell Link  
. Turn all components off, using the back  
panel power breaker switch. This ensures  
that the components are synchronized when  
the MIDI cable is connected.  
2. Select the component to be the control com-  
ponent. The control component must be in  
plain view for proper remote control opera-  
. Connect the speaker cables to the Full  
Power Balanced amplifiers speaker binding  
posts, located on the amplifier back panel.  
Speaker binding posts for both stereo and  
monaural amplifiers accept spade lugs only.  
3. Connect one end of the MIDI cable to the  
Krell Link out connector on the back panel of  
the component.  
Krell Full Power Balanced X Series Power Amplifiers  

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