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Amplifier Operation  
Full Power Balanced amplifiers are easy to  
install and operate. However, it is important to  
exercise care during operation, due to the  
amplifiersenormous power output. Switching  
between active sources (such as a CD player,  
tape monitor, or VCR) without muting the pre-  
amplifier output, or bumping or miscuing a  
source can generate large transients at low fre-  
quencies. Full Power Balanced amplifiers may  
generate enough power with these transients  
to damage loudspeakers.  
If the Krell CAST input is being used, the  
Krell CAST red LED illuminates and  
remains illuminated at all times during the  
stand-by or power on modes.  
. With the preamplifier muted or volume con-  
trol completely lowered, select a source.  
Increase the volume control to the desired  
listening level.  
. When turning off the system, mute or com-  
pletely lower the preamplifier volume, or  
place the Full Power Balanced amplifier in  
the stand-by power mode by pressing the  
power button on the front panel. It is now  
safe to turn off the rest of the system.  
Always mute or fully attenuate the preamplifier  
level when switching sources.  
Do not change input connections to the amplifi-  
er when the amplifier is on.  
For best performance of Full Power Balanced  
amplifiers, leave the back panel power breaker  
switch on at all times.  
Use care when setting high playback levels.  
Because of their tremendous reserves of clean  
power, Full Power Balanced amplifiers can safe-  
ly drive speakers to higher sound pressure lev-  
els than other amplifiers. Always lower the vol-  
ume level at the first sign of speaker distress.  
1. When all components are linked, place  
each component in the stand-by mode by  
moving the back panel power breaker  
switch to the up position. This ensures that  
all components will be synchronized when  
signals from the control component are sent  
to the linked components in the system.  
When powering on any system, turn on ampli-  
fiers last. Turn off amplifiers first.  
1. Move the back panel power breaker switch  
. When the components are in stand-by,  
switch the control component to the opera-  
tional mode from the control components  
front panel or by using the components  
remote control.  
to the up position to engage the input cir-  
cuitry and place the amplifier into the stand-  
by mode. The front panel blue power stand-  
by LED illuminates.  
. Press the silver power button on the amplifi-  
er front panel. The blue regulator LED illumi-  
nates. Once the regulator provides power to  
the output stage, the blue bias LED illumi-  
nates. The Sustained Plateau Bias II system  
is now engaged.After the protection circuitry  
has confirmed that safe operating conditions  
exist, the input relays engage. You hear a  
click. The amplifier is ready for operation.  
The linked components switch to the oper-  
ational mode simultaneously.  
A linked component can be switched between  
the operational mode and stand-by, individual-  
ly, from its front panel. Switching a linked com-  
ponent temporarily breaks the chain of linked  
components. To re-establish linked operation,  
return all components to stand-by.  
Krell Full Power Balanced X Series Power Amplifiers  

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