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Definition of Terms, continued  
A two-wire input or output circuit. Use care  
when using single-ended connections as the  
ground connection is made last and broken  
first. Turn the system off prior to making or  
breaking single-ended connections. Single-  
ended connections are not recommended for  
connections requiring long cable runs.  
Krell Current Mode  
A proprietary Krell circuit topology in which the  
audio gain stages of a component operate in  
the current rather than voltage domain. This  
unique technology provides the component  
with exceptional speed and a wide bandwidth.  
Krell Sustained Plateau Bias III  
A patented microprocessor control system that  
maintains Class A bias operation regardless of  
musical demand. Class A bias is the most accu-  
rate method used to amplify musical signals.  
The new Sustained Plateau Bias III software is  
featured in the Full Power Balanced X Series  
amplifiers and was developed from the algo-  
rithm utilized in the Master Reference Amplifier.  
Sustained Plateau Bias III maximizes an ampli-  
fier’s efficiency both in power consumption and  
heat generation.  
When the power switch on the back panel is  
placed in the down position and the blue power  
LEDs turn off, the component is off.  
Operational Mode  
When the power button on the front panel is  
pressed and the three blue power LEDs illumi-  
nate, the component is in the operational mode  
and ready to play music.  
Stand-by Mode  
A low power consumption status that keeps the  
audio and regulator circuits at idle. Krell recom-  
mends leaving the component in the stand-by  
mode when it is not playing music.  
Krell Full Powered Balanced X Series Power Amplifiers  

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