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DSM (Discrete Surface Mount Technology)  
The DSM (Discrete Surface Mount) manufacturing process combines the advantages of both discrete components and  
integrated circuitry. Rockford Fosgate is the onlyAmerican amplifiermanufacturerto have invested millions into this process.  
DSMcomponents differ from conventional discrete components in different ways. They are more compact, more rugged,  
andtheyefficientlydissipategeneratedheat. Usingthemwhereverappropriateallowstheadvantagesassociatedwithdiscrete  
circuitry to be retained while also providing room for both highly advanced processing features and generous PC board  
copperpaths where needed. Theirshortlead-outstructures allowmaximum audio performance and highestsignal-to-noise  
ratios to be obtained in amplifiers of desirable package size without resorting to “amplifier-on-a-chip” shortcuts. These  
advantages are shown below in Figure 1.  
Figure 1  
PC Board  
PC Board  
Surface Mount  
THERESULT: Less connections, improved reliability, shortersignalpaths, superiorsignal-to-noise ratio and awesome sonic  
XCard (Internal Crossover)  
The Poweramplifiers utilize internalactive crossovers. These crossovers have manyperformance advantages such as using  
discrete components for exact frequency adjustments which are far superior to potentiometers. Additionally, the XCard can  
be configured for high-pass, low-pass and full range operation. With slight modification, many crossover frequencies and  
slope configurations can be achieved.  
THERESULT: Increased system design flexibility with a precise electronic crossover without the limitations ofconventional  
potentiometer designs.  
Stereo Pass-Thru  
The Pass-Thru outputprovides a convenientsource fordaisy-chaining an additionalamplifierwithoutthe need forextra RCA  
cables or “Y”adapters. The 50.1 Pass-Thru provides constant Full Range stereo output. The 50.2 has the ability to provide  
constant Full Range stereo output as well as distribute one ofits internal XCards to the Pass-Thru for a dedicated High-Pass  
or Low-Pass output.  
THE RESULT: Convenient signal level output for adding extra amplifiers.  
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