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Balanced Line Inputs (50.2)  
Using the Balanced Line Inputs provides the last word in achiev-  
able rejection of noise induced in the cable between the source  
and the amplifier. The differential input circuitry (Figure 2) used  
in the balanced input system rejects whatever signals are  
common to both of the shielded, twisted-pair conductors. Bal-  
anced line is universal in concert installations where the stage  
and mixing consoles are hundreds of feet apart. Long signal  
cables and electrically-noisyenvironments make signalintegrity  
and noise rejection an extremely difficult challenge.  
Figure 2  
Differential inputs only amplify the difference between two conductors.  
Note: the noise spikes appear on both the center conductor and the outer  
shield and therefore are not amplified.  
THE RESULT: Quiet transmission of audio from source to amplifier.  
NOMAD (NOn-Multiplying Advanced Decision)  
The Power amplifiers use an analog computer process to absolutely maximize safe output power under all operating  
conditions. The innovative NOMAD(NOn-Multiplying Advanced Decision) system is the most sophisticated version ofthis  
technique ever used, bringing previously unavailable levels of accuracy, stability, temperature immunity and reliability to  
this critical process. NOMADmakes advanced decisions based on device voltages to precisely control the awesome levels  
of current available in the output MOSFETs to safe values – but only when absolutely needed.  
THE RESULT: Extremely fast protection system that always protects the amplifier and never degrades the sound.  
MOSFETDevices (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)  
supply and the output stages. MOSFET(Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) devices offer several important  
inherent advantages over the 30 year old technology of bi-polar design. These advantages include: thermal stability,  
switching speed, ultra low output impedance and wider bandwidth linearity. In addition, MOSFETand vacuum tubes share  
many important operating characteristics. However, the MOSFETdevice is much faster, wider in bandwidth, measurably  
lower in distortion and far more linear than vacuum tubes.  
THE RESULT: Operational characteristics of vacuum tubes without the performance limitations of tube design.  
ITS (Increased Thermal Stability)  
The ITS (Increased Thermal Stability) Power Supply design is new in Rockford Fosgate amplifiers. A major problem  
associated with any amplifier design is how to get rid ofthe heat generated by its circuitry. Clearly, it is highly desirable to  
minimize the amount of heat generated in the first place. The “50 series” Power amplifiers employ a new toroidal power  
transformer design in which the high current input leads are carried directly to the switching power MOSFETs. This both  
minimizes PC board heating and takes advantage of natural air cooling of these leads.  
THE RESULT: Maximizes power supply efficiency by eliminating unnecessary heat generation.  
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