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In addition the RA-985BX has several features that enhance its  
ease of operation and its system configuration flexibility. A full  
function remote control is provided that can operate several other  
Rotel tuners and cassette decks in addition to the RA-985BX. An  
IR remote control signal input/output system is provided. This fea-  
ture, when used in conjunction with Xantech™ brand Video Link™  
IR signal pick ups and repeaters (sold separately by custom sys-  
tem installers), enables the RA-985BX to pick up IR remote control  
signals and distribute them to other components. A preamp/power  
amp jumper set is provided that makes it easy to connect external  
components, such as surround sound processors. The unique  
Second Zone output system (when used with an additional power  
amplifier and speakers) lets the RA-985BX provide sound to an-  
other part of your home. You can even listen to a different signal  
source from the one being played by the main system.  
Be sure to keep the power cords, digital signal cables and regular  
audio signal cables in your installation away from each other. This  
will minimize the chance of the regular audio signal cables pick-  
ing up noise or interference from the power cords or digital  
cables. Using only high quality, shielded cables will also help to  
prevent noise or interference from degrading the sound quality of  
your system. If you have any questions see your authorized Rotel  
dealer for advice about the best cable to use with your system.  
AC Power and Control  
The main functions of the RA-985BX are easy to install and use. If  
you have experience with other stereo systems, you shouldn’t find  
anything perplexing. Simply plug in the associated components  
and enjoy.  
AC Power Input 24  
Because of its high power rating, the RA-985BX can draw consid-  
erable current. Therefore, it should be plugged directly into a 2-  
pin polarized wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord. A heavy  
duty multi-tap power outlet strip may be used if it (and the wall  
outlet) is rated to handle the current demanded by the RA-985BX  
and all the other components connected to it.  
A Few Precautions  
Please read this manual carefully. It provides information on how  
to incorporate the RA-985BX into your system as well as informa-  
tion that will help you get optimum sound performance. Please  
contact your authorized Rotel dealer for answers to any questions  
you might have. In addition, all of us at Rotel welcome your ques-  
tions and comments.  
Note: Do not connect the power cord for a power amplifier to the  
auxiliary power outlets on the RA-985BX. Power amplifiers often  
draw more power than these outlets can provide.  
Your RA-985BX is configured at the factory for the proper AC line  
voltage in the country where you purchased it (either 115 volts AC  
or 230 volts AC with a line frequency of either 50 Hz or 60 Hz). The  
AC line configuration is noted on a decal on the back panel.  
Save the RA-985BX shipping carton and all enclosed packing ma-  
terial for future use. Shipping or moving the RA-985BX in anything  
other than the original packing material may result in severe dam-  
age to your amplifier.  
Fill out and send in the owner’s registration card packed with the  
RA-985BX. Also be sure to keep the original sales receipt. It is  
your best record of the date of purchase, which you will need in  
the event warranty service is ever required.  
Note: Should you move your RA-985BX amplifier to another coun-  
try, it is possible to reconfigure it for use on a different line volt-  
age. Do not attempt to perform this conversion yourself. Opening  
the enclosure of the RA-985BX exposes you to dangerous volt-  
ages. Consult a qualified service person or the Rotel factory ser-  
vice department for information.  
Like all audio components that handle low-level signals, the  
RA-985BX can be affected by its environment. Do not stack the  
RA-985BX on top of a power amplifier. This will minimize the chance  
it will pick up hum or interference.  
If you are going to be away from home for an extended period of  
time such as a month-long vacation, it is a sensible precaution to  
unplug your amplifier (as well as other audio and video compo-  
nents) while you are away.  
The RA-985BX generates heat as part of its normal operation. The  
heat sinks and ventilation openings in the amplifier are designed  
to dissipate this heat. The ventilation slots in the top cover must  
be open. There should be 10 cm (4 inches) of clearance around  
the chassis, and reasonable airflow through the installation loca-  
tion, to prevent the amplifier from overheating.  
Power/Standby Switch  
and Power Indicator  
The Power Indicator light above the Standby button is always illu-  
minated when the RA-985BX is connected to a “live” AC outlet.  
When the Power/Standby is pressed the RA-985BX is turned on  
and the Volume Control LED is illuminated. Pressing the Standby  
switch again will put the RA-985BX in “standby” mode and the  
Volume Control LED is turned off.  
Remember the weight of the amplifier when you select an installa-  
tion location. Make sure that the shelf or cabinet can support its  
considerable bulk. We recommend installing the RA-985BX in furni-  
ture designed to house audio components. Such furniture is de-  
signed to reduce or suppress vibration which can adversely affect  
sound quality. Ask your authorized Rotel dealer for advice about  
component furniture and proper installation of audio components.  

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