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Auxiliary Power Outputs 23  
NOTE: Normally the signal supplied to the Recorder Outputs is se-  
lected by the Recording Selector 12 . However when the Second  
Zone output function is used, the Recording Selector becomes the  
source selector for the Second Zone.  
North American models of the RA-985BX have two switched out-  
lets on the back panel. Power is available from these outlets when  
the RA-985BX is turned on. Power to these outlets is turned off  
when the RA-985BX is in Standby mode. These outlets can provide  
up to a total of 400 watts. They are appropriate for supplying  
power to signal sources, such as CD players, tuners, or tape  
decks. They should not be used for power amplifiers. Connecting  
components that will draw more than 400 watts to these outputs  
could damage the Standby switch in the RA-985BX.  
Second Zone Output Connection 17  
See Figure 3 for the Second Zone output connection illustration.]  
This output (when used with an additional power amplifier and  
speakers) lets the RA-985BX provide sound to another part of your  
home. You can listen to a different signal source from the one be-  
ing played by the main system or to the same source. See the  
Second Zone Operation section for more information.  
Input Signal Connections 15  
See Figure 1 for input connection illustration.]  
The RA-985BX has conventional RCA type input connectors, the  
type found on nearly all audio equipment.  
Preamp/Power Amp Jumpers 18  
Note: To prevent loud noises that neither you nor your speakers  
will appreciate, make sure the system is turned off when you  
make any signal connections.  
These connectors, labeled ”Pre Out” and “Main In”, are normally  
connected by a set of solid metal jumper connectors. They pro-  
vide a convenient insertion point for virtually any type of signal  
processor. To use these connectors, pull out the jumper connec-  
tors. Using high quality cables, connect the “Pre Out” connectors  
to the inputs of the signal processor. Connect the outputs of the  
signal processor to the “Main In” connectors.  
All the inputs of the RA-985BX are “line level’ inputs. These are  
appropriate for connecting components such as CD players, Hi Fi  
or NICAM Stereo video cassette recorders, tuners for audio or  
video, Laser Disc players or the analog output from a CD ROM  
drive. If you want to use a phonograph with the RA-985BX, an ex-  
ternal phono equalizer, such as the Rotel RQ-970BX must be used.  
One of the most common uses for these connectors is to incorpo-  
rate a surround sound processor into the system. Typically the  
front channel outputs from the signal processor are connected to  
the “Main In” of the RA-985BX. The other outputs from the signal  
processor are connected to other power amplifiers and speakers.  
The Left and Right channels are clearly labeled and should be  
connected to the corresponding channels of the source compo-  
nent. The Left RCA connectors are white, the Right connectors  
are red. Use high quality RCA cables for connecting input source  
components to the RA-985BX. Ask your authorized Rotel dealer for  
advice about cables.  
Cassette Remote Connector 19  
Some Rotel cassette decks can be operated by the RR-927 remote  
control that come with the RA-985BX. To use this feature connect  
a standard 8-pin DIN type cable between the Cassette Remote  
connector on the back of the RA-985BX and the connector on the  
back of the cassette deck. Control signals from the RR-927 remote  
control are pick up by the Remote Sensor on the front of the RA-  
Recorder Connections 16  
See Figure 2 for recorder connection illustration.]  
The Tape 1 and Tape 2 inputs and outputs can be connected to  
any record/playback device that accepts standard line level ana-  
log input and output signals. Typically that will be a conventional  
tape recorder.  
85BX and passed to the cassette deck via the cable.  
When connecting a recorder to the RA-985BX remember that the  
outputs of the recorder must be connected to the tape inputs of  
the RA-985BX. Similarly the tape outputs of the RA-985BX must be  
connected to the inputs of the recorder. As with other sources be  
sure to connect the Left and Right channels of each device to the  
proper channels on the associated components. Use high quality  
connecting cables to prevent loss of sound quality.  
Remote Sensor Extension System 20  
These connectors, when used in conjunction with Xantech™  
brand Video Link™ IR signal pick ups and repeaters (sold sepa-  
rately by custom system installers), enable the RA-985BX to pick  
up IR remote control signals and distribute them to other compo-  
nents. Contact your authorized Rotel dealer for more information.  
Video Link and Xantech are Trademarks of Xantech Corporation.  

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