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Getting to Know the AV Receiver—Continued  
For detailed information, see the pages in parentheses.  
J PHONES jack (52)  
R DIGITAL INPUT button (49)  
This 1/4-inch phone jack is for connecting a stan-  
dard pair of stereo headphones for private listening.  
Selects the options for automatic audio input selec-  
tion setup.  
K THX button (59)  
S DIMMER (RT/PTY/TP) button (51, 58)  
Selects the THX listening mode.  
Adjusts the display brightness.  
L SPEAKERS A and B buttons (19, 50)  
Turn speaker sets A and B on or off.  
On the European model, this is the RT/PTY/TP but-  
ton, and it’s used with RDS (Radio Data System).  
See “Using RDS (European model only)” on  
page 57.  
M TONE, –, and + buttons (78)  
Used to adjust the tone (bass and treble).  
T MEMORY button (56)  
Used when storing or deleting radio presets.  
N MOVIE/TV button (59)  
Selects the listening modes intended for use with  
movies and TV.  
U TUNING MODE button (54)  
Selects the Auto or Manual tuning mode for AM  
and FM radio.  
O MUSIC button (59)  
Selects the listening modes intended for use with  
V SETUP MIC (42)  
The automatic speaker setup microphone connects  
P GAME button (59)  
Selects the listening modes intended for use with  
video games.  
W AUX INPUT (36, 75)  
Used to connect a camcorder, game console, and so  
on. There are input jacks for composite video and  
analog audio.  
Q DISPLAY button (52)  
Displays various information about the currently  
selected input source.  
2 3  
6 7  
For detailed information, see the pages in parentheses.  
A and B speaker indicators (19, 50)  
Indicator A lights up when speaker set A is on. Indi-  
cator B lights up when speaker set B is on.  
TUNED (54): Lights up when tuned to a radio sta-  
SLEEP indicator (51)  
Lights up when the Sleep function has been set.  
MUTING indicator (51)  
Flashes while the AV receiver is muted.  
Message area  
Displays various information.  
Listening mode and format indicators (59)  
Show the selected listening mode and audio input  
signal format.  
Audio input indicators  
Indicate the type of audio input that’s selected as the  
audio source: MULTI CH or HDMI.  
Tuning indicators (54)  
Audyssey indicator  
Flashes during automatic speaker setup.  
FM STEREO (54): Lights up when tuned to a ste-  
reo FM station.  
RDS (57): Lights up when tuned to a radio station  
that supports RDS (Radio Data System).  
AUTO (54): Lights up when Auto Tuning mode is  
selected for AM or FM radio. Goes off when Man-  
ual Tuning mode is selected.  

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