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Simple Home Theater Guide  
Set the operation selector switch to RCV, then press  
Using Phase Control  
select ‘AUTO SURROUND’ and start playback of the  
If you’re playing a Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound  
DVD disc, you should hear surround sound. If you are  
playing a stereo source, you will only hear sound from the  
front left/right speakers in the default listening mode.  
During multichannel playback, LFE (Low-Frequency  
Effects) signals as well as low-frequency signals in each  
channel are assigned to the subwoofer or other the  
subwoofer and the most appropriate speaker. At least in  
theory, however, this type of processing involves a group  
delay that varies with frequency, resulting in phase  
distortion where the low-frequency sound is delayed or  
muffled by the conflict with other channels. With the  
Phase Control mode switched on, this receiver can  
reproduce powerful bass sound without deteriorating the  
quality of the original sound (see illustration below).  
See also Listening to your system on page 35 for  
information on different ways of listening to sources.  
It is possible to check on the front panel display whether  
or not multi-channel playback is being performed  
Phase Control OFF  
When using a surround back speaker, 2D+PLIIx  
MOVIE is displayed when playing Dolby Digital signals,  
and DTS+Neo:6 is displayed when playing DTS 5.1-  
channel signals.  
Front speaker  
When not using a surround back speaker, DOLBY  
DIGITAL is displayed when playing Dolby Digital signals.  
Sound muffled due  
to a delay in time  
For other details, see Listening modes with different input  
signal formats on page 128. If the display does not  
correspond to the input signal and listening mode, check  
the connections and settings.  
• Rhythms blurred and difficult to hear  
• Bass sound with loss of depth  
Use the volume control to adjust the volume level.  
• Sound of musical instruments with no reality  
Turn down the volume of your TV so that all sound is  
coming from the speakers connected to this receiver.  
Phase Control ON  
Front speaker  
Better sound using Phase Control and  
Full Band Phase Control  
This receiver is equipped with the two types of functions  
that correct phase distortion and group delay: Phase  
Control and Full Band Phase Control. Activating Full  
Band Phase Control is strongly recommended because it  
also involves the effects of Phase Control. For details on  
each of these two features, refer to the following  
Original sound  
preserved with no  
loss of clarity  
Rhythms with crystal-like clarity  
Bass sound with no loss of depth  
• Sound of musical instruments with superb reality  
• You may need to check the digital audio output settings on your DVD player or digital satellite receiver. It should be set to output Dolby  
Digital, DTS and 88.2 kHz / 96 kHz PCM (2 channel) audio, and if there is an MPEG audio option, set this to convert the MPEG audio to PCM.  
Depending on your DVD player or source discs, you may only get digital 2 channel stereo and analog sound. In this case, the receiver must  
be set to a multichannel listening mode (see Listening in surround sound on page 35 if you need to do this) if you want multichannel surround  

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