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Simple Home Theater Guide  
Chapter 2:  
Simple Home Theater Guide  
Center (C)  
Right (R)  
Introduction to home theater  
Subwoofer (SW)  
Home theater refers to the use of multiple audio tracks to  
create a surround sound effect, making you feel like  
Left (L)  
you’re in the middle of the action or concert. The  
surround sound you get from a home theater system  
depends not only on your speaker setup, but also on the  
source and the sound settings of the receiver.  
Right (SR)  
This receiver will automatically decode multichannel  
Dolby Digital, DTS, or Dolby Surround sources according  
to your speaker setup. In most cases, you won’t have to  
make changes for realistic surround sound, but other  
possibilities (like listening to a CD with multichannel  
surround sound) are explained in Listening to your  
system on page 35.  
Back Right (SBR)  
Left (SL)  
Surround Back Left (SBL)  
Plug in the receiver and switch it on, followed by  
your DVD player, your subwoofer and the TV.  
Plug the power cable into the AC outlet and switch on the  
receiver.1 Make sure you’ve set the video input on your TV  
to this receiver. Check the manual that came with the TV  
if you don’t know how to do this.  
Listening to Surround Sound  
This receiver was designed with the easiest possible  
setup in mind, so with the following quick setup guide,  
you should have your system hooked up for surround  
sound in no time at all. In most cases, you can simply  
leave the receiver in the default settings.  
Set the subwoofer volume to a comfortable level.  
Use the on-screen automatic MCACC setup to set up  
your system.  
See Automatically setting up for surround sound (MCACC  
Be sure to complete all connections before  
connecting this unit to an AC power source.  
Full Band Phase Control) on page 10 for more on this.  
Play a DVD, and adjust the volume to your liking.  
Connect your TV and DVD player.  
Make sure that DVD is showing in the receiver’s display,  
indicating that the DVD input is selected. If it isn’t, press  
DVD on the remote control to set the receiver to the DVD  
See Connecting your TV and DVD player on page 20 to do  
this. For surround sound, you’ll want to hook up using a  
digital connection from the DVD player to the receiver.  
surround sound.  
Connect your speakers as shown in Installing your  
speaker system on page 26.  
Connect your speakers and place them for optimal  
In addition to the basic playback explained in Playing a  
source on page 11, there are several other sound options  
you can select. See Listening to your system on page 35  
for more on this.  
Where you place the speakers will have a big effect on the  
sound. Place your speakers as shown below for the best  
surround sound effect. See also Placing the speakers on  
page 27 for more on this.  
See also Making receiver settings from the The Advanced  
MCACC menu on page 43 or The System Setup menu on  
page 55 for more setup options.  
After this receiver is connected to an AC outlet, a 15-second HDMI initialization process begins. You cannot carry out any operations during  
this process. The HDMI indicator in the front panel display blinks during this process, and you can turn on this receiver once it has stopped  
blinking. When you set the HDMI Control mode to OFF, you can skip this process. For details about the HDMI Control feature, see HDMI  
Control on page 89.  

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