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Power Connection  
To ensure years of enjoyment from your NADY AU-  
DIO graphic equalizer, please read and understand  
this manual thoroughly before using the unit.  
Each of these five NADY AUDIO graphic equalizers is  
designed for operation from 120-240 volts, 50-60 Hz  
AC supplies. Power requirements for electrical  
equipment differ from area to area. In new installa-  
tions and portable sound systems, or any situation in  
which the AC power is in question, it is wise to  
confirm the voltage and select the appropriate line  
voltage switch before connecting the instrument to  
power sources.  
These five equalizer models are each designed for  
mounting in a standard 19" equipment rack or one of  
the many rack type portable cases available on the  
market. The units are either single rack (1.75") or  
double rack (3.5") as noted. All five models are 8.66  
inches deep.  
Check to see that the unit is set to the voltage for  
your area by referring to the table below:  
Install the equalizer in a rack with the rack screws  
provided. Route the A.C. power cord to a convenient  
power outlet away from audio lines. The unit may be  
turned on and off from the front panel power switch or  
a master equipment power switch. Since the unit  
Europe (except UK): 230V, 50Hz  
draws a relatively small amount of current during idle, UK and Australia: 240V, 50Hz  
the unit may be left on continuously. NADY AUDIO  
equalizers do not generate an unduly large amount of  
heat and do not need to be specially ventilated or  
cooled. The units should not be subjected, however,  
to high heat environments.  
USA and Canada: 120V, 60 Hz  
For other areas, please check with  
local authorities.  
If the voltage selector is not set for your area:  
Although the unit’s chassis is shielded against radio  
frequency (RF) and electromagnetic interference  
Confirm that the power cord is not plugged into a wall  
outlet. Move the voltage selector switch with a small  
screwdriver so that the marker is set to the voltage  
for your area.  
(EMI), extremely high fields of RF and EMI should be  
Input/Output Connections  
The 1/4" phone jack, RCA jack, and XLR connector  
inputs and outputs can be used for balanced and  
unbalanced connections. CAUTION: Using more  
than one connector at a time for the INPUT/OUTPUT  
pair could unbalance balanced lines, cause phase  
cancellation, short a conductor to ground, or cause  
damage to the other equipment connected to the  
For balanced connection,  
For unbalanced operation,  
wire the connectors as follows:  
wire the connectors as follows:  
Paralleling inputs and outputs may be accomplished  
by using any of the 3 connectors.  
Note: The 1/4" TRS are normally used for this  

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