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NADY AUDIO graphic equalizers may be used wher-  
ever modification of the frequency contour of a sound  
system is needed. A graphic equalizer is a solution to  
any number of sound problems or creative urges.  
Sound Reinforcement Applications  
By routing the signal from the mixer to the main  
power amplifiers (or crossover), the overall frequency  
of the mix may be altered to do a number of things.  
A. Through the use of a real-time audio spectrum  
analyzer, a calibrated microphone, and a pink  
noise source, the audio system may be "TUNED"  
to make the overall audio spectrum response of  
the audio reinforcement system and the room  
environment flatter in its frequency response.  
B. By turning up the audio reinforcement system to  
Studio Applications  
A graphic equalizer is one of the most useful tools in  
the sound engineer’s bag. NADY AUDIO equalizers  
the feedback point, then attenuating the oscillating offer the features and flexibility to perform where it  
frequency (1/3 octave resolution), then turning  
the system up to attenuate the 2nd oscillating  
frequency, and then the 3rd, and so on, you can  
enable the entire audio system to have much  
more gain before feedback.  
C. Amplifiers and speakers may be protected by the  
use of the LOW CUT feature of the equalizer.  
Wind noise or the loud percussive sound of  
dropped microphones, etc., could potentially  
cause damage to the amps and/or speakers. By  
rolling off the extreme LOW frequencies with the  
LOW CUT filter, a measure of protection is added  
to the system without severely affecting the overall  
sound quality.  
D. In noisy environments, the audio signal may be  
tailored for better intelligibility and penetration.  
This is especially useful for public address  
E. Creative use of the equalizer allows shaping of the  
signal for a more pleasing sound or for special  
effects. The only limits are those of taste and  
counts in the studio.  
A. Fix a track that doesn’t sound quite right. Put the  
equalizer in an effects send and return it to the  
MIX bus.  
B. Create an artificial stereo by splitting a monaural  
signal and equalizing the split signals differently,  
then panning one equalized signal to the right and  
the other signal to the left.  
C. Shape the sound by changing the frequency  
response of the track.  
D. Special effects, like a telephone sound, can be  
created by cutting off the LOW end to 200Hz and  
the HIGH end to 6KHz.  
E. Also when you use the equalizer with other pieces  
of equipment, such as the NADY AUDIO CL-5000  
Compressor Limiter with Gate, you can do real  
signal processing magic. Emphasizing the HIGH  
frequencies of a signal and feeding the modified  
signal to the side chain of the compressor makes  
the compressor a DE-ESSER; or, emphasizing the  
LOW frequencies and putting that through the side  
chain, makes the compressor a "DE-THUMPER".  
Also, you can reduce unwanted frequency-  
dependent noise in a signal by cutting the  
offending frequencies with an equalizer and letting  
the noise gate of the CL-5000 "KEY" on the  
modified signal, while letting the original signal  
pass and gating the unwanted sounds. (See the  
instruction manual for the NADY AUDIO CL-5000  
for more ideas and detail on methods to utilize  
your equalizer in the fullest).  
Musical Instrument Applications  
A. Putting an equalizer in line with a musical  
instrument allows you to modify the sound of the  
instrument. You can brighten the sound, or add  
body to a thin sounding instrument, or even give  
the sound a totally different character.  
B. An equalizer will allow you to eliminate unwanted  
sounds, like a 60-cycle HUM from a badly  
grounded amplifier.  

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