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Before playing a track, this unit reads all track and  
album information on the disc. Depending on the  
track structure, it may take more than a minute  
before playback begins. During this time, “READ” is  
displayed. Play will automatically start when reading  
is complete.  
Depending on the condition of the disc, it may not  
play back (page 7, 8).  
While the first/last track on the disc is playing, if  
Display items  
When the disc/album/track changes, any  
prerecorded title* of the new disc/album/track is  
automatically displayed. (If the A.SCRL (Auto  
Scroll) function is set to “ON,” names exceeding  
characters will be scrolled (page 21).)  
to the last/first track of the disc.  
SEEK)(–) or (SEEK)(+) is pressed, playback skips  
When the last track on the disc is over, playback  
restarts from the first track of the disc.  
If you play a high-bit rate MP3 file such as 320 kbps,  
sound may be intermittent.  
With optional unit)  
Displayable items  
Press (SOURCE)repeatedly to select  
Disc number/Track number/Elapsed  
CD” or “MD (MS* ).”  
playing time1  
Disc name* /Artist name*2  
Press (MODE)repeatedly until the  
desired unit appears.  
Playback starts.  
Album (folder) name*  
Track (file) name* *  
ID3 tag*3  
Skip discs  
– Disc selection  
[once for each disc]  
Skip albums*2  
Switch display item (DSPL)  
Albums selection [hold to desired point]  
1 When pressing (DSPL), “NO NAME” indicates that  
there is no Disc Memo (page 14) or no prerecorded  
name to display.  
1 MS: MG Memory Stick System-up Player MGS-X1  
2 Available only when an MP3 file is played.  
2 Only for CD TEXT discs with the artist name.  
3 Only for MP3 files.  
Only track name/artist name/album name in ID3  
tag is displayed.  
When pressing (DSPL), “NO ID3” indicates that  
there is no ID3 tag to display.  
Cautions when connecting MGS-X1 and MD unit(s)  
This unit recognizes MGS-X1 as an MD unit.  
When you want to play MGS-X1, press (SOURCE)to  
select “MS” or “MD.” When “MS” appears in the  
source display, MGS-X1 starts to play. When “MD”  
appears in the source display, press (MODE)to  
select “MS,” to start playback.  
Some characters cannot be displayed.  
For some CD TEXT discs or ID3 tags with very  
many characters, information may not scroll.  
This unit cannot display the artist name for each  
track of a CD TEXT disc.  
When you want to play an MD unit, press (SOURCE)  
to select “MD” or “MS.” If your desired MD unit  
appears in the source display, it starts to play. If “MS”  
or another MD unit appears in the source display,  
press (MODE)to select your desired MD unit, to  
start playback.  
Notes on MP3  
ID3 tag applies to version 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4.  
Some characters and signs cannot be displayed  
Note when playing back a disc with non-audio CD  
data/MP3 file  
If a disc with non-audio CD data/MP3 file is inserted:  
appear as “ *”). The maximum number of  
displayable characters for an album (folder) name/  
track (file) is 64 (Romeo) or 32 (Joliet); ID3 tag 30  
characters (1.0, 1.1, 2.2 and 2.3) or 126 characters  
in the case of this unit, “NO MUSIC” appears in the  
display, and the display becomes the clock display  
CD playback stops).  
in the case of an optional MP3 compatible CD unit,  
NO MUSIC” appears in the display and playback of  
In the following cases, elapsed playing time may not  
be displayed accurately.  
the next disc starts.  
when an MP3 file of VBR (variable bit rate) is  
in the case of an optional CD unit, which is  
incompatible with MP3, the disc will play back with  
no sound.  
during fast-forward/reverse.  
With an optional unit connected, playback of the same  
source will continue on to the optional CD/MD unit.  
When the A.SCRL (Auto Scroll) function is set to  
“OFF” and the disc/album/track is changed, the disc/  
album/track name or ID3 tag does not scroll.  
When an MP3 file is played and the album is  
changed, the new album number is displayed.  

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