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With formats other than ISO 9660 level 1 and level 2,  
folder names or file names may not be displayed  
About MP3 files  
MP3 (MPEG 1 Audio Layer-3) is a standard  
technology and format for compressing a sound  
sequence. The file is compressed to about 1/10 of  
its original size. Sounds outside the range of  
human hearing are compressed while the sounds  
we can hear are not compressed.  
When naming, be sure to add the file extension  
.MP3” to the file name.  
If you put the extension “.MP3” to a file other than  
MP3, the unit cannot recognize the file properly and  
will generate random noise that could damage your  
The following discs take a longer time to start  
a disc recorded with complicated tree structure.  
a disc recorded in Multi Session.  
a disc to which data can be added.  
Notes on discs  
You can play MP3 files recorded on CD-ROMs,  
CD-Rs, and CD-RWs.  
The disc must be in the ISO 9660*1 level 1 or  
level 2 format, or Joliet or Romeo in the  
expansion format.  
Cautions when playing a disc that is recorded in  
Multi Session  
When the first track of the first session is audio CD  
Only audio CD data of the first session is played  
You can use a disc recorded in Multi Session*2.  
Any data in subsequent sessions is skipped.  
When the first track of the first session is not audio  
CD data:  
1 ISO 9660 Format  
The most common international standard for  
the logical format of files and folders on a  
If an MP3 file is in the disc, only MP3 file(s) is  
played back and other data is skipped. (Audio CD  
data is not recognized.)  
There are several specification levels. In  
Level 1, file names must be in the 8.3 format  
If no MP3 file is in the disc, “NO MUSIC” is  
displayed and nothing is played back. (Audio CD  
data is not recognized.)  
no more than 8 characters in the name, no  
more than 3 characters in the extension  
.MP3”) and in capital letters. Folder names  
can be no longer than 8 characters. There can  
be no more than 8 nested folder levels. Level  
specifications allow file names up to 31  
characters long.  
Each folder can have up to 8 trees.  
For Joliet or Romeo in the expansion format,  
make sure of the contents of the writing  
software, etc.  
2 Multi Session  
This is a recording method that enables  
adding of data using the Track-At-Once  
method. Conventional CDs begin at a CD  
control area called the Lead-in and end at an  
area called Lead-out. A Multi Session CD is a  
CD having multiple sessions, with each  
segment from Lead-in to Lead-out regarded  
as a single session.  
CD-Extra: The format which records audio  
audio CD data) as tracks on session 1, and  
records data as tracks on session 2.  
Mixed CD: In this format, data is recorded as  
track 1, and audio (audio CD data) is recorded  
as track 2.  

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