User manual Kenwood Stereo System NV-701

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System connection  
Speaker placement in a multichannel home theater  
(For U.S.A., U.S.-Military and Canada)  
will be blocked causing damage or fire hazard.  
Do not place any objects impairing heat radiation onto  
the top of this unit.  
Speaker and TV installation  
if set on the TV. If thisoccurs, place the speakerfarther  
away from the TV set.  
Front speaker  
Surround speaker  
Front speakers: Place to the front left and right of the  
listening position at equal distances from both the unit and  
the listening position. Front speakers are required for all  
surround modes.  
Center speaker: Place front and center. This speaker  
stabilizes the sound image and helps recreate more natu-  
ral sound motion.  
Surround (rear) speakers: Place to the direct left and  
right, or slightly behind, the listening position at even  
heights approximately 1 meter (3.5 ft.) above the ears of  
the listeners. These speakers recreate rear sound motion  
and atmosphere, and are required for surround playback.  
Subwoofer: Reproduces deep bass and other low fre-  
quency sounds.  
Malfunction of the microcomputer  
If operation is not possible or an erroneous display  
appears even though all connections have been made  
By performing the “Surround Options” setup operations,  
this unit makes automatic adjustments to account for the  
way the speakers have been set up in order to deliver the  
best possible surround sound.  
.Be sure to insert all connection cords securely. If connections are not secure, the sound may not be  
produced or noise may interfere.  
.Before plugging or unplugging a connection cord, be sure to unplug the power cord from the wall AC  
outlet. If connection cords are plugged or unplugged with the power cord left plugged in, malfunction  
or damage may result.  
Be sure to adhere to the following or proper ventilation will be blocked causing damage or fire hazard.  
Do not place any objects impairing heat radiation onto the top of unit.  
Do not place a speaker or any other object next to the ventilation holes on the left side of the main unit. For proper  
ventilation, be sure to provide sufficient space on the left side of the main unit.  
Leave a space around the unit (from the largest outside dimension including projection) equal or greater than, shown  
Top panel : 50 cm  
Side panel : 10 cm  
Back panel : 10 cm  

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