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Cable Diagnostic  
Upon booting up the Switch, a Cable Diagnostic is used to detect three  
problems that may prevent successful connection. This feature operates  
only on ports that are connected to 1000Mbps devices. If there are  
problems on a port connected to a Gigabit Ethernet device (1000Mbps),  
try restarting the Switch and watch the speed (100/1000Mbps) LED  
indicators to determine is the problem is a fault in the cable or connecting  
hardware. For ports operating at 10 or 100Mbps, the LED indicators can  
be used for less specific troubleshooting.  
The faults detected by the cable diagnostic for 1000Mbps operation are as  
Open circuit - a lack of continuity between the pins at each end of the  
Ethernet cable or a disconnected cable.  
Short circuit - two or more conductors short-circuited.  
Connectivity is checked for each of the eight wires of a cable to  
ensure its capability for running 1000Mbps.  
During the diagnostic, each port is scanned to determine if the Ethernet  
cable and connectors is in good working order. During the diagnostic  
process the speed LED for each port blinks green in sequential order. This  
port scan takes about 3 seconds. If a cable fault is detected, the  
corresponding port’s speed LED will light amber for 5 seconds. The  
Switch is then reset for normal operation. It takes about 2 seconds for the  
Switch to reset. The entire Cable Diagnostic process takes about 10  
seconds from the time the Switch is powered on.  
The table below summarizes Cable Diagnostic information.  
NOTE: the cable diagnostic function does not  
detect the length of Ethernet cabling. Remember  
that the length of cabling between two Ethernet  
devices may not exceed 100 meters (or 300 feet).  

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