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The following conventions are used when presenting the syntax of a command line  
interface (CLI) command:  
Anything inside square brackets [ ] is optional.  
Anything inside braces { } is required.  
If there is more than one choice, each choice is separated by a pipe ( | ). For  
set interface { ether1/1 | ether1/2 | ether2/2 } manage  
means “set the management options for the ether1/1, ether1/2, or ether2/2  
Variables appear in italic. For example:  
set admin user name1 password xyz  
When a CLI command appears within the context of a sentence, it is in bold (except for  
variables, which are always in italic). For example: “Use the get system command to  
display the serial number of a NetScreen device.”  
Note: When typing a keyword, you only have to type enough letters to identify the word  
uniquely. For example, typing set adm u joe j12fmt54 is enough to enter the command  
set admin user joe j12fmt54. Although you can use this shortcut when entering  
commands, all the commands documented here are presented in their entirety.  
To obtain technical documentation for any Juniper Networks NetScreen product, visit  
For technical support, open a support case using the Case Manager link at http:// or call 1-888-314-JTAC (within the United States) or 1-408-745-  
500 (outside the United States).  
If you find any errors or omissions in the following content, please contact us at the e-mail  
address below:  
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