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Ge ne ra l Consid e ra tions  
to re-route cabling away from potential noise sources, or to ensure that  
the electrical wiring in the area is properly wired and grounded, or to  
replace connectors along affected segments.  
Te m p e ra ture  
The attenuation of PVC-insulated cable varies significantly with  
temperature. Check the cable manufacturer’s specifications. Plenum-  
rated cables are strongly recommended in areas where temperatures  
exceed 40˚C. Under such conditions, plenum-rated cables ensure that  
cable attenuation remains within specifications.  
Insta lla tion Re c om m e nd a tions  
In addition to complying with the cable specifications presented in  
Sections 2.2 and 2.3, the cabling installation should comply with the  
following recommendations to obtain optimum performance from the  
UTP cabling should be free of splices, stubs, or bridged taps.  
No more than two punch-down blocks should exist between TCU  
ports and wall outlets.  
Metal troughs, ducts, etc. carrying Token Ring signals should be  
properly grounded.  
Cables should be routed away from sources of electrical noise, such as  
power lines, fluorescent lights, electric motors, radio interference, and  
heavy machinery.  
Token Ring signals should not be routed through UTP cables that exit  
a building or which are adjacent to cables either exiting a building or  
exposed to lightning strikes and power surges.  
UTP cables that contain Token Ring signals should not be  
simultaneously used for applications which may impress high  
voltages (greater than 5 volts) with sharp rise or fall times, since the  
noise coupling from such signals could directly cause errors on the  
Token Ring network.  
For single telecommunications closet rings, lobe lengths should not  
exceed 100 meters of 22 to 24 AWG wire from the attaching device and  
the TCU port.  
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