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If you are satisfied with the operation of your  
telephone service after plugging in your  
Permitted Attachment, your installation is  
service carry out the following checks before  
you call for service:  
Disconnect the Permitted Attachments and try  
using the service with the normal telephone.  
You will be unable to connect this Permitted  
Attachment if your telephone service consists  
only of a wall phone or an old style telephone  
which is not connected by means of a modern  
plug and socket. In such cases a new socket  
will need to be installed.  
Should the Permited Attachment not operate  
when plugged into a socket, it is either faulty or  
unsuitable for operation with your telephone  
service. It should be returned to the store where  
purchased or the Authorised Service Centre.  
• If the telephone service then operates  
satisfactorily, the fault is in your Permitted  
Attachment. Leave the Permitted Attachement  
disconnected and report the fault to its  
supplier or agent to arrange for repair.  
• If when using the telephone the service is still  
faulty, report the fault to “Service Difficulties  
and Faults” for attention.  
You are required to keep this Permitted  
Attachment in good working order while it is  
connected to your telephone service. Its  
construction or internal circuit must not be  
modified in any way without permission.  
Service difficulties  
If at any time a fault occurs on your telephone  
Wall Mounting  
This unit can be mounted on a wall.  
Install screws using the wall template on page.  
Connect the line cord, and AC Adaptor.  
Arrange the wires as shown, then mount the unit.  

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