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Reach under the fly and wrap the  
hook and loop straps around the  
poles. See fig. 6.  
Hook clips from the tent body to the tops and  
sides of each pole.  
See fig. 3 and 4.  
Attach the web buckle from the  
corners of the fly to its mate on the  
corner tent web. Adjust the web to  
proper tension. Be careful, when  
finished, the fly must not come in  
contact with the tent body. See fig. 7.  
Component List:  
Tent Body 1 Fly, 1 Short Pole, 1 Long Pole,  
Carry Bag, 1 Stake Bag w/Stakes,  
Pole Bag, 2 Cords w/sliders  
Tension and stake out the web loops on either side of the fly.  
Tie a cord to the storm loops on the fly. The cords must be staked  
out. Adjust the slider to maintain tension support. See fig.8.  
Do not drop tent bag or pole bag on its end. Do not bounce  
tent bag on its end to get the tent out. These actions may cut  
the shock-cord and/or damage the pole ends.  
Unpack the carry bag and separate all the parts.  
Unroll and unfold the tent and lay it on the ground with  
the mesh side up. If windy, place Binto the wind and stake  
down the web loop.  
Place the tent in the desired location and stake down the web loop at B.  
Assemble the shock-corded poles. Try to prevent pole  
sections from snapping together, as this can damage the pole  
ends. Make certain each insert end has seated firmly into  
each plain end.  
Lift the long pole and pull the tent fabric taut at A. Stake down the web  
Stake out the floor web loops at C/Dand E/F. Work your way around the  
tent, pulling the fabric to remove floor wrinkles and adjusting the tension  
as you go. This is a tension tent- not a freestanding tent. Opposing corner  
webs must be pulled taut and staked out for sturctural support. See fig.5.  
This tent features a poke-up vent in  
the fly, with zippered access in the  
roof cloth. Pull it open and set the  
stay with the hook and loop tab.  
See fig. 9.  
Unfold the fly, turn it right side up and drape it on the tent with the Eureka!  
logo over the front peak.  
Front peak  
Insert the end posts of the long  
tent pole into the web grommets  
from Cto Dcreating an arc. Then,  
insert the end posts of the short pole  
into the web grommets from Eto F.  
See fig.1 and 2.  
REV. D 4.09  

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