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Flat TV with Pixel Plus 3 HD  
2" LCD integrated digital  
Product highlights  
Pixel Plus 3 HD  
Pixel Plus 3 HD offers the unique combination of ultimate  
sharpness, natural detail, vivid colors and smooth natural  
motion on all qualities of HD, standard TV signals and  
multimedia content, for high definition displays. Each  
pixel of the incoming picture is enhanced to better match  
the surrounding pixels, resulting in a more natural  
picture. Artifacts and noise in all sources from multimedia  
to standard TV and also in highly compressed HD are  
detected and reduced ensuring that the picture is clean  
and razor sharp.  
Full HD LCD display 1920x1080p  
The Full HD screen has the widescreen resolution of  
1920 x 1080p. This is the highest resolution of HD  
sources for the best possible picture quality. It is fully  
future proof as it supports 1080p signals from all  
sources, including the most recent like Blu-ray and  
advanced HD game consoles. The signal processing is  
extensively upgraded to support this much higher signal  
quality and resolution. It produces brilliant flicker-free  
progressive scan pictures with superb brightness and  
HD Natural Motion  
Philips invented HD Natural Motion to eliminate  
juddering effects that are visible with movie based picture  
content. HD Natural Motion estimates motion in the  
picture and corrects juddering movements in both  
broadcast and recorded movie material (such as DVD  
and Blu-ray Disc). The resulting smooth motion  
reproduction and excellent sharpness take the viewing  
experience to a higher level. HD Natural Motion removes  
judder from SD and HD pictures, including 1080p, for a  
motion performance that surpasses the cinema!  
Integrated Digital DVB-T tuner  
The integrated DVB-T tuner lets you receive Digital  
Terrestrial TV to watch or record. This means you do not  
need an additional set top box and also the additional  
Virtual Dolby Digital  
Virtual Dolby Digital is a processing technology for  
enhancing surround sound effects. It will create the  
sensation of Dolby Pro Logic without the necessity of  
additional rear speakers. You become totally immersed in  
your television experience.  
USB for photo & music playback  
The USB connector allows access to jpeg photos and mp3  
music of most USB-sticks (USB memory-class device).  
Plug the USB into the slot at the side of the TV and access  
your photos or music files. You can easily view and share  
your photos and music.  
HDMI inputs  
HDMI makes an uncompressed digital RGB connection  
from the source to the screen for the ultimate picture  
quality. HDMI intelligently communicates the highest  
output resolution with the source device. The HDMI input  
is fully backward compatible with DVI sources and  
includes digital audio. HDMI uses HDCP copy protection.  
With 3 HDMI inputs on the back and 1 HDMI on the  
side of the TV you can connect multiple HD sources, for  
instance an HD settop box, a Blu-ray player, and game  
console or digital Camcorder. Your TV is fully prepared for  
the HD future.  
EasyLink uses the HDMI CEC industry standard protocol  
to share functionality between connected devices and the  
TV. With EasyLink only one remote control is needed to  
operate main functionalities on your TV and connected  
devices. EasyLink uses the standard HDMI cable to  
transfer system commands. It works between all  
electronic devices equipped with HDMI CEC.  
Issue date 2008-12-10  
Version: 1.0.5  
© 2008 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.  
All Rights reserved.  
Specifications are subject to change without notice.  
Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips  
Electronics N.V. or their respective owners.  
12 NC: 8670 000 41948  
EAN: 87 12581 44069 5  

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