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Sony VAIO® R505 SuperSlim Pro Notebook  
Mobile Intel® Celeronprocessor 650 MHz1  
3.75 lbs. light, about 1" thin  
12.1" XGA TFT screen  
Integrated Ethernet  
128 MB SDRAM/15.0 GB3 hard drive  
Free extTMernal CD-ROM drive  
Sony VAIO SlimDock docking station sold separately.  
Approx. 1" X 11" X 9.4" (H x W x D)  
3.75 lbs. (with standard battery)  
Supplied Accessories  
Standard Lithium-Ion battery, AC adapter,  
Power cable  
Processor ®  
Mobile Intel Celeron processor 650 MHz1  
Cache Memory  
256 KB integrated on-die level 2  
Mobile Intel® Celeronprocessor 650 MHz1  
Bus Spe1ed  
Optional Accessories  
SlimDockTM docking station with DVD/CD-RW  
combination drive (PCGA-DSM5)  
SlimDockTM docking station with DVD drive  
100 MHz  
3.75 lbs. light, about 1" thin  
Bus Architecture  
12.1" XGA (1024 x 768) TFT screen  
10Base-T/100Base-TX integrated Ethernet with  
RJ-45 interface  
MagicGateMemory Stick® media:  
32 MB (MSG-32A), 64 MB (MSG-64A),  
128 MB (MSG-128A)  
Standard-capacity battery (PCGA-BP2R)  
Double-capacity battery (PCGA-BP4R)  
USB mouse (PCGA-UMS1/A)  
2.1" XGA TFT  
15.0 GB hard drive  
Intel® 815EM integrated graphics chip with Intel® D.V.M.  
Durable magnesium-alloy case  
technology including up to 11 MB SDRAM (shared)  
128 MB SDRAM (expandable to 320 MB max.)  
Integrated V.90 modem  
Digital Audio  
Windows® sound system compatible  
Additional AC adapter (PCGA-AC19V1)  
Carrying case (PCGA-CCF)  
D surround sound  
New high-capacity lithium-ion battery  
Responsive, nearly full-size tactile keyboard (95%)  
MPEG1 digital video  
Supports full screen playback  
New Carrying case (PCGA-CCR5)  
External USB floppy drive (PCGA-UFD5)  
External CD-RW drive (PCGA-CDRW52)  
i.LINK (IEEE 1394) S400 interface supports  
high-speed digital video, audio and data transfer  
capabilities among equipped Sony products  
Standard RAM  
128 MB SDRAM, expandable to 320 MB  
One year limited Express Service  
Hard Drive  
Limited Warranty  
MagicGate Memory Stick media slot  
5.0 GB fixed  
One year parts and labor (90 days without registration)7  
Intel 815EM integrated graphics chip with  
Floppy Disk Drive™  
Telephone Support7  
Intel D.V.M. technology including up to 11 MB  
Optional SlimDock 1.44 MB, 3.5"  
Hardware: One year  
Optional external USB 1.44 MB, 3.5"  
Software and operating system: 90 days  
SDRAM (shared)  
Integrated V.90 modem  
Operating System  
Built-in stereo speakers  
1 type II PC card slot with CardBus support  
2 USB ports  
PCG-R505TL: Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition  
PCG-R505TLK: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional  
3 key QWERTY layout  
Bundled standard battery, AC adapter and  
power cord  
Approx. 18mm key pitch  
Software Applications  
Adobe Acrobat® Reader  
mm stroke  
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition (Windows® Me)  
Pointing Device  
Center Jog Dial scrolling function  
ArcSoft® PhotoPrinter2000 Pro (Windows® Me)  
Electro-Static touch pad  
Built-in stereo speakers  
External Microphone  
Lithium-Ion battery  
Supports standard Lithium-Ion battery (supplied) or  
double-capacity Lithium-Ion battery (optional)  
Easy Sys®tems Drag'n Drop CD  
Quicken® New User Edition  
MHz denotes microprocessor internal clock speed; other factors may affect application  
Requires payment of additional fees or subscription for use.  
GB means one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity. Accessible capacity  
may vary.  
McAfee V®irusScan  
Microsoft Word 2000  
i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used only to designate that a product contains an IEEE 1394  
connector. All products with an i.LINK connector may not communicate with each other.  
Estimated battery life. Actual battery life may vary on usage.  
Certain restrictions apply to Express Repair Service.  
From date of purchase upon registration.  
RealNetworks® RealPlayer®  
Sony DVgate  
Sony Media Bar™  
Sony MovieShaker™  
Other restrictions apply  
Battery Life  
Sony OpenMG Jukebox  
.0–4.5 hours (with supplied standard battery)5  
Sony PictureGear  
Sony Smart Capture  
Sony VisualFlow  
WinDVD® 2000  
Sony Electronics Inc.  
Personal Network Solutions Company  
.08.0 hours (with double-capacity battery)5  
PC Card Slots  
Supports one type II card  
CardBus support  
For more information: 1.800.4SONYPC (476-6972)  
Web address:  
6765 West Bernardo Drive, San Diego, CA 92127  
Online Center  
Computer Interface: The computer industry lacks standards, and therefore, there are a multitude  
of varying software packages and add-on hardware options. This personal computer is not  
manufactured to any specific software, and Sony does not and cannot make any warranty or  
representation with respect to the performance of this product with any particular software  
packages and/or non-Sony add-on hardware option except those mentioned in this document.  
Sony hereby disclaims any representations or warranty that this product is compatible with any  
combination of products you may choose to connect. While Sony representatives or Sony  
authorized dealers may be able to assist you and may make recommendations, they are NOT  
authorized to vary or waive this disclaimer. Purchasers must determine for themselves the  
suitability and compatibility of the hardware and software in each and every particular instance.  
Some pre-installed software titles may not include full documentation. Software titles pre-  
installed on the Sony Notebook Computer are subject to change without notice. Simulated  
graphic shown on display.  
VAIO Support A®g2ent (Window® s® Me)  
Other Interfaces  
On main unit: USB (2), i.LINK® (IEEE 1394) S400,  
America Online (Windows Me)  
Compuserve® 2000 2 (Windows®®2 Me)  
headphone out, RJ-11 phone jack,  
MagicGateMemory Stick® interface,  
EarthLink Network TotalAccess  
Microsoft® Internet Explo®rer (Windows® Me)  
Netscape Communicator  
RJ-45 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet, new center  
Jog Dial , mic-in Jack or External mic-in, Security lock  
Prodigy Internet (Windows® Me)  
® 2  
Power Requirements  
73.2 watts maximum (19.5V DC / AC100-240V)  
VAIO® Support Agent  
2001 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written  
Power Management  
permission is prohibited. Sony, i.LINK, Memory Stick and VAIO are registered trademarks and  
DVgate, Jog Dial, Media Bar, PictureGear and R505 SuperSlim Pro are trademarks of Sony. Intel  
and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. Microsoft and Windows are  
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective  
owners. This product meets the standards of the International Energy Star Program for energy  
efficiency. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Non-metric weights  
and measurements are approximate.  
Energy Star compliant  
Advanced power management - ACPI compatible  
Printed in U.S.A. 06/01  

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