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Broadband Access  
Management System  
Delivering Next Generation  
Broadband Access Solutions  
Broadband Access Management System  
AMS-1000TM is a complete  
Bandwidth Management  
broadband access management  
system which simplifies the user’s  
experience. A web page takes users  
through simple steps to register and  
connect within seconds, without  
reconfiguration of network or proxy  
settings. Customized welcome pages,  
default messages and advertisements  
can easily be displayed on a clients  
Secure admission and Service Level  
Agreement (SLA) enforcement are  
major features. For example, with  
BAMS-1000, a property owner may  
offer the base speed as an amenity  
and still charge a premium for  
faster service offerings without  
front desk intervention.  
BAMS-1000 integrates with the  
property owners management  
system for billing and payment.  
The system allows for selective  
billing by minute, megabyte, and  
port speed while simultaneously  
permitting various payment  
methods. Additional auxiliary  
devices like a public printer can be  
added and configured for selective  
billing. In conjunction with Nayna  
Networks’ XH-1200 VDSL  
Real IP Addressing  
Public addresses are required for  
some Internet applications such as  
Web servers, videoconferencing and  
VPN connections. Using a publicly  
addressable IP address and BAMS’  
provides managers with the ability to  
offer a premium service for users that  
want a public (routable) IP address.  
Users can use VPN clients to work as if  
they were in their offices, securely  
accessing office networks and files via  
their secure VPN. Users can email as  
if they were on their home or  
Concentrating Switch, BAMS-1000  
generates a configurable map for  
room-port relationships and other  
network devices such as servers  
corporate networks without changing  
their email settings.  
and WiFi Access Points.  
Statistics &  
Nayna Networks, Inc. 180 Rose Orchard Way San Jose CA 95134 USA  
Tel: 408-956-8000 Fax: 408-956-8730  

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