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A/F 12X Optical Zoom  
Smart P/T  
The built-in 12X optical zoom lens with auto-focus is  
combined with a 16x digital zoom, providing a maximum  
of 192x zoom.  
The Smart P/T function automatically adjusts the  
control speed of the Pan and Tilt functions according  
to the current zoom ratio. It is useful to adjust the  
functions manually for detailed controls when  
monitoring at high zoom ratios.  
Versatile protocols and coaxial  
Day & Night  
RS-485, Coaxial communication methods are supported.  
With its daytime & nighttime switch and Sens-Up  
functions based on the ICR (Infrared Cut filter Removal)  
method, the camera provides high quality pictures  
regardless of whether it is day or night.  
RS-485 (10 protocols) : Samsung-T, Pelco (D / P), Samsung-E,  
Panasonic, Honeywell, AD, Vicon, GE, BOCSH  
Coaxial Communications: Pelco Coaxitron (automatic detection)  
Sens-Up increases the CCD sensitivity by electrically  
extending the camera’s exposure time.  
Day & Night enables you to select between color and  
B/W modes depending on the lighting conditions.  
Wide Range Auto Security  
OSD (On Screen Display)  
Multiple Preset Function Saving : Up to 12 camera  
image properities can be saved individually to provide  
high quality pictures.  
Image Holding : When moving between presets in  
Group and Tour functions, using this Preset Freeze  
function holds the image status and helps reduce  
visual fatigue.  
The camera IDs, camera preset numbers, preset names,  
area names, and camera operation status are displayed  
on the monitor, allowing set up of various camera  
functions through the OSD menu screen.  
PTZ Trace : Patterns operated with the joystick can be  
saved and replayed by users.  
Swing : Using the Swing function commands the  
camera to move between 2 selected locations,  
monitoring the route.  
Group Search : Maximum 128 Preset positions are  
toured in order.  
Tour Search : Maximum 6 Group Search functions are  
toured in order.  
Preset Position Saving and Loading  
Up to 255 preset positions can be set. Using this  
function saves and brings up the camera feed of a  
selected monitoring location.  
(eXtended Dynamic Range)  
For images with high contrast between bright and  
dark Areas from difficult lighting conditions such as  
backlighting, this camera selectively illuminates  
darker Areas while retaining the same light level for  
brighter Areas to even out the overall brightness.  
Digital Flip  
The Digital Flip function is useful to monitor moving  
objects or people passing directly under the camera.  
When an object or a person passes directly under the  
camera, its tilt motor follows the object or person over  
Area Masking  
00 degrees to the other side of the tilt area without  
panning. The screen inversion starts to occur at 100  
degrees or higher is digitally adjusted.  
If a monitoring location includes a highly private area,  
the area can be selectively masked on the screen.  
User Guide  

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