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user interface and the functionality provided by vKVM and vMedia. MP and Integrity iLO  
provide a service interface that allows access to all hardware and, in a complex, all nPartitions.  
The MP is always available, even when the main power source is turned off (MP can operate on  
standby power). On cell-based servers (such as rx7620, rx8620, and Superdome), MP is available  
whether or not nPartitions are configured or booted in the server complex. You can navigate  
from MP to and from the operating system (if it is booted).  
The Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) provides support for operating system loaders and  
allows you to configure the firmware and control the booting environment. EFI is accessible only  
when the operating system is not booted. On cell-based servers, each nPartition has a separate  
EFI console interface. EFI provides support for managing nPartitions. The EFI interface is available  
from an nPartition console only when the nPartition is in an active state but has not booted an  
operating system.  
You can move from the EFI interface to MP and back again. Similarly, you can move from MP  
to the operating system and back.  
OpenVMS Integrity servers now support a power management interface from the Integrity Lights  
Out (iLO) console and from the Insight Power Manager (IPM) software. The power management  
interface is available only on systems that support the iLO power management interface. For  
more information about iLO power management interface available for your Integrity servers,  
see the iLO MP Operations Guide. IPM provides centralized monitoring and control of server  
power consumption and thermal output. (Although OpenVMS still supports the SYSGEN  
parameter CPU_POWER_MGMT, the iLO interface takes precedence over this parameter.) Before  
installing OpenVMS Integrity servers, check that power management is set in the state that you  
prefer. For more information, see the HP OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual.  
1.2.3 Virtual Connect (VC) on HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures  
HP Virtual Connect (VC) is a set of interconnect modules and embedded software available for  
HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures. VC simplifies the setup and administration of server  
connections. Where most server interconnect choices come with compromises such as too many  
cables or too much to manage, VC reduces the number of network cables and simplifies  
management while adding the unique ability to wire everything once, then add, replace or  
recover servers in minutes instead of hours or days.  
VC is enabled with a choice of Ethernet and Fibre Channel modules designed for the HP  
BladeSystem. The built-in HP Virtual Connect manager defines a server connection profile for  
each server bay—even before a server is installed. This profile establishes the Media Access  
Control (MAC) addresses for all Network Interface Controllers (NICs), the World Wide Names  
WWNs) for all Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), and the SAN boot parameters. The profile then holds  
them constant so that even if the server is changed, the configuration and connection profile stay  
constant. When a new server takes its place, the same profile is assigned.  
For more information about VC, select the Virtual Connect networking link at the following  
In addition, see the HP Virtual Connect for c-Class BladeSystem User's Guide, available at the  
following location:  
1.2.4 Cell-Based Server Terminology  
A cell-based server—such as the HP rx7620, rx8720, or Superdome server—is a hardware complex  
that can run one or more operating systems and that supports dividing hardware resources into  
nPartitions. Thus, it enables you to configure a complex into one large system or into several  
smaller systems.  
.2 Getting to Know Your Integrity servers  

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