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Studio L, O.M. 9/26/06 10:52 AM Page 6  
If you wish to preinstall a rough-in frame before the drywall is installed, you  
will need to purchase the correct rough-in-frame kit for your model:  
Speaker Model  
L226W, LS326W  
L226C, LS326C  
L228C, LS328C  
Rough-In-Frame Kit  
RIF 6  
RIF 8C  
Detailed installation instructions are supplied with the rough-in kit.  
Studio L in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers can be painted to match any  
décor. If you wish to change their color, the satin finish on the grille and frame  
will function as a primer coat. Before painting, install the paint shield (inner  
section of template in the assembly kit) securely into the recess in the baffle.  
This will protect the speaker components and baffle from paint residue. Use a  
high-quality spray paint, and apply a thin coat of color. Be certain the grille  
perforations remain free of paint. Filling them with paint will diminish the  
sound quality.  
NOTE: Gently remove the acoustical foam blanket from the grille before paint-  
ing. Reattach the blanket after the paint has dried.  
When using the system in a Dolby Digital or DTS home theater system,  
make sure all speakers are set to “Small.” When using the Studio L in-wall  
and in-ceiling speakers in a Dolby Pro Logic home theater system, make sure  
the receiver’s center channel mode is set to “Normal.”  
Some Dolby Digital-equipped receivers/processors offer different setup  
options for each source or surround mode: e.g., CD-stereo, videotape, Dolby  
or Pro Logic. In each case, follow your equipment’s instructions to ensure that  
the subwoofer (if you have one) output is turned on and that the speakers are  
set to “Small” in each mode.  

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