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I-82H Introduction  
Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the ISIS Series  
I-82H High Performance Portable Loudspeakers. This product rep-  
resents the state-of-the-art in lightweight sound reinforcement  
loudspeaker systems. To get the most from your investment, we  
encourage you to review this manual carefully.  
The I-82H loudspeaker system is a full range, high output, two-  
way design delivering superior sound quality and high SPL in a  
lightweight, attractive enclosure. Equipped with two Speakon®  
connectors, connection is fast and reliable with parallel connec-  
tion of multiple cabinets literally a snap. These loudspeakers  
make an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.  
Two mounting adapters are provided; a pole cup that accepts  
.375” or 1.500” (35 mm or 38 mm) pole diameters and a 5/8”-27  
mic stand adapter (fits most mic and boom stand hardware). The  
pole cup is equipped with a retaining knob to secure the adapter  
to the pole. Also included are four self-adhesive rubber feet for  
the bottom of the enclosure.  
I-YM8 Optional Yoke Mount / Floor Monitor Kit  
The optional I-YM8 Accessory Kit provides a yoke mount suitable  
for pole mounting and a pair of swivel extension feet for use as  
floor or stage monitors. The included pole cup or mic stand  
adapter can be attached to the yoke mount using the included  
knob as well as standard truss clamps for additional mounting  
Coverage Angles  
Before mounting the loudspeaker, determine the mounting orien-  
tation and desired coverage angles. As supplied from the factory,  
the loudspeaker’s coverage angles are 90° (horizontal) x 60° (ver-  
tical) with the cabinet oriented vertically. The waveguide can be  
rotated to interchange the coverage angles.  
Rotating the Waveguide to Alter HF Coverage Pattern  
- Remove the grill. Gently and evenly work the grill out of its  
retaining groove to avoid bending the grill.  
- Remove the eight waveguide retaining screws. A #2-size Phil-  
lips screwdriver is recommended.  
- Reach into the waveguide’s port and pull gently to remove the  
waveguide. Be careful not to damage the connections, wiring, or  
the gasket between the waveguide and the cabinet.  
- Rotate the horn 90° clockwise or counter clockwise and set it  
back in place. Make certain the wiring is not stressed or pulled  
loose from its connections.  
- Before reinstalling the waveguide screws, lift the assembly a  
small distance and make sure that the gasket is properly in place.  
Reposition it, if required. Set the waveguide in place and reinstall  
the screws. Do not overtighten.  
- Replace the grill.  
Logo Badge Rotation  
The logo badge on the grill screen can be removed, rotated, and  
reinstalled. Using your fingers, pull the logo badge straight out.  
Rotate to the desired position and push back into place.  

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