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HTS Manual 3/3/06 14:50 Page 3  
In addition, HTS systems have a subwoofer which provides  
very low frequency sounds and special effects. The  
subwoofer supports low frequencies for all 5 audio channels.  
It is a specially designed high power unit with its own built-  
in amplification capable of reproducing very low frequencies  
at realistic levels to enhance music and movie experiences.  
This high performance Tannoy HTS 5.1 home cinema system  
has been built and tested with care and precision to provide  
first class performance and reliable operation. To ensure  
maximum benefit from ownership and for reasons of safety,  
please read through all the information in this owner's manual  
before operating and using this system for the first time.  
Fit the wall brackets to the smaller satellite speakers if you  
wish to wall mount them as follows:  
Fit 2 halves of 2 brackets to the centre speaker with the  
threaded hinge pin hole in the bracket facing the terminals  
on the back of the satellite. This orientation will allow the  
hinge pins to be fitted from either side of the cabinet when  
mounting to the wall.  
Locate the appropriate screws and lock washers in the  
accessory pack - 2 screws for each wall bracket; 12 screws  
in total for the HTS100 system and 8 screws in total for  
HTS200 system.  
5.1 decoders provide a special subwoofer output signal  
which you connect directly into the HTS subwoofer using  
a suitable cable. The subwoofer output socket on your  
equipment is usually labelled 'LFE' (Low Frequency Effects)  
or 'SUB' or 'SUBWOOFER' output.  
Tannoy HTS systems are primarily designed for use with the  
following equipment:-  
Locate the Allen key tool which which you will use to  
tighten the hex socket head screws.  
Each wall mounting bracket has two halves and a long  
screw/pin which holds the two halves together to act as the  
hinge. One half is mounted on the speaker using 2 screws  
and the other half is mounted on the wall using suitable screws  
and wall plugs. It is your responsibility to ensure that the wall  
and the screw fixing method are both strong enough to support  
the weight of the satellite speakers. See the specification  
page for weights.  
An AV or Home Cinema Receiver with integral 5.1 decoder,  
power amplifiers and a dedicated LFE or subwoofer  
line level output.  
HTS 100:  
One carton containing 4 x satellite speakers, 1 x  
centre speaker, 1 x subwoofer, cable, wall brackets  
and accessories.  
An integrated DVD player with 5.1 decoder, 5 power  
amplifiers and a dedicated LFE or subwoofer line  
level output.  
Fit the other half of the bracket(s) to the wall using a  
suitable fixing method for the type of wall material - seek  
professional advice if unsure.  
HTS 200:  
Separate each bracket into two halves by removing the  
long hinge screw.  
One carton containing 2 x satellite speakers, 1 x centre  
speaker, 1 x subwoofer, cable, wall brackets  
and accessories.  
A 5.1 decoder (with LFE or subwoofer output) feeding 5  
separate power amplifiers.  
One carton containing 2 x tower speakers, 2 x base  
platforms, spikes, wood floor protectors and  
associated screws.  
A 5.1 decoder separates digital audio signals from DVD, CD  
or Digital Broadcast sources into five separate audio channels  
which feed the five separate speakers in the HTS system and  
a sixth channel which feeds the HTS subwoofer.  
HTS Stand  
One carton containing 2 x stand bases, 2 x stand poles, 2 x  
stand brackets and associated screws  
Each speaker provides a separate function.  
The functions are:  
Fit each black base to each tower speaker using 3 screws  
located in the accessory bag.  
Fit one half of the bracket with the large holes to the  
speakers using the screws and lockwashers provided.  
The threaded hinge pin hole in the bracket should face  
the terminals on the back of the speaker.  
Centre Speaker which carries most of the dialogue or  
solo performances.  
Fit all 3 screws loosely by locating them in the threaded  
inserts before tightening them all securely.  
Front Left and Front Right Speakers which carry special  
effects and left/right stereo information.  
Screw 4 chrome spikes into the threaded inserts on each  
tower base.  
Left Rear and Right Rear Speakers which carry special  
effects information.  
Note that the cable may be passed neatly from underneath  
the base, through a hole in the base behind the speaker  
to the adjacent terminals.  

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