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Operating Instructions  
Speaker System  
Super Woofer System  
Model SR-F1  
Model SR-L1  
the SR-L1. If the SR-L1 connector is wrongly connected to  
the SR-F1, sound is not reproduced.  
SR Series loudspeakers from TOA are compact integrated  
speaker systems for use in sound reinforcement applica-  
tions with an emphasis on quality sound and durability,  
and for easy transportation.  
The SR-F1 is designed to make an angle of 15° at both  
sides of the enclosure. When lining up two speakers or  
more, they are in all directions and mutual interference is  
reduced in high frequency range.  
The SR-F1 speaker system and the SR-L1 super woofer  
system provide a wide frequency response and high pow-  
er handling capacity. The system can be composed with  
the SR-F1 to reproduce the low/high frequency range and  
the SR-L1 to reproduce the super-low frequency range.  
These speakers are used with the AC-F1 or the AC-L1  
Electronic control unit.  
SR-F1 features  
1. Electronic-controlled system with the AC-F1 Electronic  
control unit.  
2. High power capacity of 120 watts continuous pink noise  
The SR-F1 reproduces transcient response characteristics  
in the low frequency range more one ranking up magnet  
than that of 30cm (12") woofer used up to this time.  
for low frequency and 80 watts for high frequency.  
3. 30cm (12") woofer using a larger magnet.  
4. HFD-651 type high power driver with LE Series Con-  
stant directivity (CD) horn (60° horizontal by 40° vertic-  
. Fixing metals for suspension provided on top and bot-  
tom sides of the enclosure.  
. Provided an angle of 15° at both sides of the enclosure  
to prevent mutual interference in high frequency range.  
The driver unit for the SR-F1 is used the HFD-651 high  
power driver unit improved for the system, and LE Series  
Constant directivity (CD) horn ensures a uniform sound  
dispersion pattern (60° horizontal by 40° vertical).  
The 38cm (15") woofer of SR-L1 ensure ultra-linear to  
super-low frequency range with a 72mm (2.8") diameter  
voice coil driven by powerful double magnets. Bass reflex  
ports are tuned to the optimum conditions by computer  
allowing the woofer to provide maximum performance.  
SR-L1 features  
. Electronic-controlled system with the AC-L1 Electronic  
control unit.  
. High power capacity of 300 watts continuous pink  
The SR-F1 provides each two fixing metals for the suspen-  
sion (Aeroquip made) on top and bottom boards.  
. Ultra-linear, high power 38cm (15") woofer.  
4. Bass reflex enclosure tuned to optimum conditions by  
The enclosure is made by APITON plywood, and the rug-  
ged enclosure finished with FRP (Fibre reinforced plastic)  
coating is shock-resistant to transport it on the road.  
General features  
Cannon EP-4-14 is used for input connectors enabling to  
perform the quick and secure system up at site. The SR-F1  
is designed to change the pin number combination from  
1. Cannon EP-4-14 input connector.  
2. APITON plywood enclosure with rugged FRP coating.  
3. Removable punched metal front grill.  

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