Bedienungsanleitung Bang & Olufsen BEOSOUND 5

Wenn Sie auf diese Seite gestoßen sind, dann haben Sie bestimmt ein Problem und benötigen eine Anleitung zum Gerät Bang & Olufsen BEOSOUND 5. Denken Sie daran zu prüfen, ob es eine Anleitung zu genau diesem Gerät ist, was Sie suchen. In unserer Datenbank gehört Bang & Olufsen BEOSOUND 5 zu der Kategorie Stereoanlage. Die Anleitung Bang & Olufsen BEOSOUND 5kommt vom Produzenten, der Firma Bang & Olufsen - es ist ein offizielles Dokument, und wenn Sie irgendwelche Zweifel haben, was den Inhalt betrifft, kontaktieren Sie bitte den Geräteproduzenten Bang & Olufsen BEOSOUND 5 direkt. Sie können die Anleitung Bang & Olufsen BEOSOUND 5 direkt online anschauen, oder es auf Ihrem Computer speichern und aufbewahren.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire  
or electric shock, do not expose this  
appliance to rain or moisture. Do not  
expose this equipment to dripping or  
splashing and ensure that no objects  
filled with liquids, such as vases, are  
placed on the equipment.  
Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight or  
direct artificial light, such as a spotlight.  
Make sure that the product is set up, placed and  
connected in accordance with the instructions.  
Place your product on a firm surface or stand  
where you want it placed permanently. Use  
Bang & Olufsen approved stands and wall  
brackets only!  
Do not place any items on top of your product.  
Do not subject the product to high humidity,  
rain or sources of heat.  
To completely disconnect this equipment  
from the AC Mains, disconnect the mains  
plug from the wall socket. The disconnect  
device shall remain readily operable.  
The product is intended for indoor use in dry,  
domestic environments only. Use within a  
temperature range of 10–40°C (50–105°F).  
Leave enough space around the product for  
adequate ventilation.  
Do not connect any of the products in your  
system to the mains, until you have connected  
all the cables.  
The lightning flash with arrowhead  
symbol within an equilateral triangle,  
is intended to alert the user to the  
presence of uninsulated “dangerous  
voltage” within the product’s en-  
closure that may be of sufficient  
magnitude to constitute a risk of  
electric shock to persons.  
– Do not attempt to open the product. Leave  
such operations to qualified service personnel.  
The product can only be switched off completely  
by disconnecting it from the wall socket.  
The supplied plug and mains cord are specially  
designed for the product. Do not change the  
plug and if the mains cord is damaged, you  
must buy a new one from your Bang & Olufsen  
The exclamation point within an  
equilateral triangle is intended to alert  
the user to the presence of important  
operating and maintenance (servicing)  
instructions in the literature  
accompanying the product.  

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