Bedienungsanleitung Rotel RT-1082

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AF Button 5G  
BAND, DAB Buttons tB  
DAB mode is selected by pressing the BAND  
key on the front panel. Direct access to DAB  
mode can be selected using the DAB button  
on the remote control  
MEMORY Button qK  
The RT-1082 can store up to 99 DAB preset  
stations. When you want to save a selected  
station, press the memory button on the front  
panel, then one of the numerical buttons on  
the front panel that you wish to save the sta-  
tion to. FM and DAB memorized stations are  
separate meaning that a station can be saved  
to ‘1’ on DAB and another station with the  
same number for DAB.  
. Press the AF button. The tuner will scan  
each of the alternate frequencies for the  
same programming in the stored list and  
tune to the strongest signal.  
. If no station is located, the tuner will return  
to the last previously tuned station.  
. If the signal strength of the new station is  
weaker, the tuner will revert to the previ-  
ously tuned station.  
UP / DOWN Buttons =C  
The UP and DOWN keys available on the front  
between stations and also for selecting options  
in the set-up menu (see SETUP MENU).  
Cancel the AF function by pressing any button  
(except DIMMER or FM MONO).  
NUMERIC Buttons 7E  
The numerical buttons can be used to store to  
a PRESET station or recall a PRESET.  
ENTER Button -  
Press the ENTER button on the front panel to  
confirm a selected parameter.  
Digital Audio Broadcast  
TUNE/PRESET Button e  
The RT-1082 has two operating modes:  
DISPLAY Button 9M  
The RT-1082 displays service identification  
in the upper portion. This is information re-  
ceived from the network. The RT-1082 allows  
for several display modes which are shown  
in the lower portion of the FL display. Press  
<DISPLAY> button to toggle through the dif-  
ferent modes:  
DAB Manual Mode: When the tuner is  
selected to this mode you can scroll through  
all the available stations using the up and  
down keys.  
DAB Preset Mode: Use the preset but-  
ton to enable you to use the up and down  
keys to scroll through your saved stations.  
Preset is displayed in the FL display when  
you have selected this operating mode.  
DAB Basic Information  
DAB is short for ‘Digital Audio Broadcast’ and  
is a new form of radio broadcasting which  
utilizes digital technology. DAB is capable of  
providing near CD quality audio with virtually  
interference free reception.  
DAB operates in frequency band III (174  
• Program type: Displays genre or other  
program information.  
240MHz). Band III is divided into 41 chan-  
nels labeled 5A to 13F.  
• Ensemblename:Multiplexidentification  
is displayed.  
Setup Operation  
DAB channels are categorized into ensembles,  
which are also known as multiplexes. Each  
multiplex provides a number of stations and  
each service contains a primary service that  
can contain secondary services. DAB technol-  
ogy allows broadcasters to transmit additional  
data along with the audio, which can include  
other audio channels, text and in the future,  
even images and computer data.  
• Frequency: Indicates the frequency that  
the selected multiplex is transmitted on.  
• Bit rate: The rate at which bits (informa-  
tion) are transmitted. This is expressed  
in thousands of bits per second (Kbps),  
which effectively shows the quality of the  
broadcast. The higher the bit rate is the  
better the sound quality is.  
• Dynamic label segment: This is the  
text that scrolls across the FL display giving  
program content. This feature is subject to  
the service provider and station.  
NOTE:The set-up menu features advanced  
settings. In most installations the factory de-  
fault will be the optimal required setting for  
the RT-1082.  
SETUP Button 0  
The SETUP button on the front panel accesses  
the Setup menu used for the advanced settings  
of the RT-1082.  
NOTE:When the DAB tuner is used for the  
first time the FL display will ask whether you  
want to auto-tune to find the available ser-  
vice in your area. For most applications  
auto-tune should only need to be carried out  
once. Select <YES> to confirm the selection.  
The tuner will then search automatically for  
available stations on the DAB network. The  
number of stations received will depend on  
the location of your aerial and the available  
multiplexes in your area. For optimal recep-  
tion we recommend using a dedicated out-  
door aerial.  
SETUP Menu  
• Signal strength: Indicates the input  
signal level to the DAB module in block  
Press the SETUP button on the front panel to  
view the menu settings in the FL display. The  
operation can be cancelled by pressing SETUP  
again. The menu will also automatically be  
exited after a short period of when there is  
no key press.  
Use the UP and DOWN keys on the front panel  
to scroll through the different menu settings.  
Press the enter button to confirm a selection.  

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