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RT-1082 DAB/AM/FM Stereo Tuner  
A Few Precautions  
AM Loop Antenna u  
Please read this manual carefully. In addition  
to installation and operating instructions, it  
provides valuable information on various  
RT-1082 system configurations as well as gen-  
eral information that will help you get optimum  
performance for your system. Please contact  
your authorized Rotel dealer for answers to  
any questions you might have. In addition,  
all of us at Rotel welcome your questions and  
Place the RT-1082 on a solid, dry, level surface  
away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, high  
humidity or strong vibrations. The RT-1082 can  
generate some heat during normal operation.  
If installed in a cabinet, make sure that there is  
room behind the RT-1082 for easy hookup.  
Place the unit close to the other components  
in your audio/video system and, if possible,  
place it on its own shelf. This will make initial  
cable routing, hookup, and any subsequent  
system changes easier. It also minimizes  
potential interference or heat buildup from  
other components.  
The RT-1082 includes a loop antenna to receive  
AM radio signals. Remove this antenna from  
the box and locate it near the RT-1082.  
Connect the 300 ohm twin-conductor wire  
from the loop antenna to the pair of screw  
terminals labeled AM LOOP, attaching one  
wire to each terminal. It does not matter which  
wire attaches to which terminal, but make sure  
that the connections are solid and that the two  
wires do not touch  
Save the RT-1082 packaging material for  
future use. Shipping or moving the RT-1082  
in anything other than the original packaging  
material may result in severe damage that is  
not covered by the warranty.  
You may need to rotate or otherwise reorient  
the antenna to find the best position.  
Don’t stack heavy objects on top of the RT-  
NOTE:To use an outdoor antenna, connect  
its 300 ohm twin-conductor wire to the G  
and AM terminals in place of the loop an-  
tenna, only after a professional contractor  
has installed the antenna system in accor-  
dance with local electrical codes.  
082. Do not expose the unit to moisture;  
Register online at  
and keep your original sales receipt. It is your  
proof of purchase in the event that warranty  
service is required.  
this could damage the circuitry and cause a  
safety hazard.  
Rear Panel Connections  
The RT-1082 provides rear panel connections  
for audio line level output, an FM antenna, an  
AM antenna, a DAB antenna, a 12V Trigger,  
a remote IR sensor, DAB digital outputs and  
AC power input.  
Key Features  
AM, FM and DAB tuning capabilities.  
User-friendly Fluorescent Display.  
30 Station Presets for memorizing your  
favorite AM/FM stations; 99 presets for  
DAB stations.  
DAB Antenna i  
Included is a DAB indoor antenna. If you  
cannot obtain good reception using this sup-  
plied antenna, it is recommended to use an  
outdoor DAB antenna. The outdoor antenna  
can be connected with a F-Type connector  
(male) then to the “Antenna DAB” connection  
on the rear panel.  
Manual frequency and preset tuning,  
auto-search tuning, preset scanning and  
frequency direct tuning.  
RDS (Radio Data System) capability for  
Europe and RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data  
Service) capability for the USA.  
DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast); a digital  
transmission available throughout Europe  
and Canada as well as many other sup-  
ported regions.  
NOTE:Do not plug any system component  
into an AC source until system hookup is  
complete and you are confident that all  
component-to-component connections have  
been properly made.  
RCA Outputs o  
Line level RCA audio outputs send a fixed-  
level stereo signal from the RT-1082 to your  
pre-amplifier, system controller, or integrated  
FM Antenna y  
The RT-1082 is supplied with a T-shaped indoor  
FM antenna. Remove this antenna from the box  
and connect its attached coax F-type plug to  
the FM antenna connector on the RT-1082. For  
best reception, unfold the T-shaped antenna.  
Eyelets at both ends of the T allow tacking the  
antenna to a wall if desired. Experiment with  
positioning for best reception.  
Stereo/mono switching.  
Use a standard RCA audio cable to connect  
the LEFT OUTPUT jack to the left channel tuner  
input on your system controller and the RIGHT  
OUTPUT jack to the right channel tuner input  
on your system controller.  
12-volt trigger connections for remote turn  
on/off by Rotel preamplifiers and surround  
Full- function wireless remote control.  
DAB Digital Outputs p  
Remove the unit from its packing. Look for  
the handheld remote control and other ac-  
cessories. Install the supplied batteries in the  
remote control. Save the packing and box as  
it will protect the RT-1082 if you move or need  
to return it for maintenance.  
One coaxial and one S/PDIF output capable  
of outputting available DAB (Digital Audio  
Broadcast) stations. DAB provides interference  
free, near CD quality audio as well as any  
corresponding broadcast data.  
NOTE:To use an outdoor antenna, connect  
its 75 ohm coax lead wire to the FM con-  
nector in place of the indoor wire antenna,  
only after a professional contractor has in-  
stalled the antenna system in accordance  
with local electrical codes. In the USA, you  
will need to use the supplied F-type convert-  
er to connect the 75 ohm coax cable to the  
antenna input.  

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