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Re la te d Ma nua ls  
By default, each of the STH hub’s TCU ports is configured to its STN  
station) setting to support concentrator lobe connections to stations.  
Through Local Management, any TCU port may be reconfigured to its  
RO (Ring Out) setting to support connections to passive MAU (Multi-  
Station Access Unit) workgroups.  
Im p rove d Prote c tion from Be a c oning  
The STH provides enhanced reliability for existing networks which use  
passive MAUs because Multiple Ring Out TCUs allow for the separate  
attachment of each MAU. Rather than daisy-chaining MAUs together as a  
single entity and risking their collective isolation in case of beaconing, the  
user can now attach each MAU individually, reducing the number of  
MAU ports that are at risk of collective isolation in case of beaconing on  
the ring; ABRP is able to bypass individually connected MAUs on an  
individual rather than collective basis. See Figure 1-2.  
No Conne c tion Re d und a nc y  
The STH hub’s Ring Out TCU configuration does not provide for the  
MAU’s redundant connection to the ring. In the common configuration, a  
MAU chain is dual-attached to the Token Ring LAN via both a Ring Out  
cable and a Ring In cable. Using a TCU port, however, each passive MAU  
workgroup is physically connected to the hub in the same manner as a  
station—by a single cable—and therefore is not provided a backup path  
between the MAU and the Token Ring network. Only the dual  
attachment of Ring In and Ring Out cables can provide a backup path.  
This level of connectivity must be provided by a dedicated pair of Ring In  
Ring Out ports such as those available on the intelligent hub.  
.3 Re la te d Ma nua ls  
Use the STHi User’s Guide (PN 9031390) and the MicroMMAC-xxT  
User’s Guide (PN 9031320) to supplement the procedures and other  
technical data provided in this manual.  
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