Manual de instrucciones Philips 190V

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Q: What if I get lost when I am making monitor adjustments?  
A: Simplypress the MENUbutton, then select 'Reset' to recallallofthe originalfactorysettings.  
Q: What is the Auto function?  
A:oThe AUTO adjustment keyrestores the optimalscreen position, phase and clocksettings bypressing  
ofa single button – without the need to navigate through OSD(On Screen Display) menus and controlkeys.  
Note: Auto function is available in selected models only.  
Q: My Monitor has no power (Power LED does not light up). What should I do?  
A: Make sure the AC power cord is connected between the monitor and AC outlet, and clicka keyon  
keyboard/mouse to wake up the PC.  
Q: Will the LCD monitor accept an interlaced signal under PC models?  
A: No. Ifan Interlace signalis used, the screen displays both odd and even horizontalscanning lines at the  
same time, thus distorting the picture.  
Q:oWhat does the Refresh Rate mean for LCD?  
A: Unlike CRTdisplaytechnology, in which the speed ofthe electron beamis swept fromthe top to the  
bottomofthe screen determines flicker, an active matrixdisplayuses an active element (TFT) to control  
each individualpixeland the refresh rate is therefore not reallyapplicable to LCDtechnology. o  
Q: Will the LCD screen be resistant to scratches?  
A:oAprotective coating is applied to the surface ofthe LCD, which is durable to a certain extent  
(approximatelyup to the hardness ofa 2Hpencil). In general, it is recommended that the panelsurface is not  
subject to anyexcessive shocks or scratches.o  
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