Manual de instrucciones Philips 190V

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Q: How should I clean the LCD surface?  
A: For normalcleaning, use a clean, soft cloth. For extensive cleaning, please use isopropylalcohol. Do not  
use other solvents such as ethylalcohol, ethanol, acetone, hexane, etc.o  
Q:Can I change the color setting of my monitor?  
A:Yes, you can change your color setting through OSDcontrolas the following procedures,  
. Press "MENU"to showthe OSD(On Screen Display) menuo  
. Press "Arrow"to select the option "color"then press "MENU"to enter color setting, there are five settings  
as below.  
a. 6500K; this setting features the panelclosed to red-white color tone.o  
b. 9300K; this setting features the panelclosed to blue-white color tone.o  
H. User Define; the user can choose his/her preference color setting byadjusting red,  
green, blue color.o  
d. sRGB; this is a standard setting for ensuring correct exchange ofcolors between different  
device (e.g. digitalcameras, monitors, printers, scanners, etc.)  
Ameasurement ofthe color oflight radiated byan object while it is being heated. This measurement is expressed in terms of  
absolute scale, (degrees Kelvin). Lower Kevin temperatures such as 2004Kare red; higher temperatures such as 9300Kare blue.  
Neutraltemperature is white, at 6504K.  
Q: Can the Philips LCD Monitor be mounted on the wall?  
A: Yes. Philips LCDmonitors have this optionalfeature. For standard VESAmount holes on the rear cover  
allows the user to mount the Philips monitor on most ofthe VESAstandard arms or accessories. We  
recommend to contact your Philips sales representative for more information.o  
Screen Adjustments  
Q: How do LCDs compare to CRTs in terms of radiation?  
A: Because LCDs do not use an electron gun, theydo not generate the same amount ofradiation at the  
screen surface.o  
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