Manual de instrucciones Philips 190V

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Compatibility with other Peripherals  
Q: Are Philips LCD monitors Plug-and-Play?  
A: Yes, the monitors are Plug-and-Playcompatible with Windows®95, 98, 2000, XP and Vista.o  
LCD Panel Technology  
Q: What is a Liquid Crystal Display?  
A: ALiquid CrystalDisplay(LCD) is an opticaldevice that is commonlyused to displayASCIIcharacters  
and images on digitalitems such as watches, calculators, portable game consoles, etc. LCDis the  
technologyused for displays in notebooks and other smallcomputers. Like light-emitting diode and gas-  
plasma technologies, LCDallows displays to be much thinner than cathode raytube (CRT) technology. LCD  
consumes much less power than LEDand gas-displays because it works on the principle ofblocking light  
rather than emitting it.o  
Q: What differentiates passive matrix LCDs from active matrix LCDs?  
A: An LCDis made with either a passive matrixor an active matrixdisplaygrid. An active matrixhas a  
transistor located at each pixelintersection, requiring less current to controlthe luminance ofa pixel. For this  
reason, the current in an active matrixdisplaycan be switched on and offmore frequently, improving the  
screen refresh time (your mouse pointer willappear to move more smoothlyacross the screen, for example).  
The passive matrixLCDhas a grid ofconductors with pixels located at each intersection in the grid.o  
Q: What are the advantages of TFT LCD compared with CRT?  
A: In a CRTmonitor, a gun shoots electrons and generallight bycolliding polarized electrons on fluorescent  
glass. Therefore, CRTmonitors basicallyoperate with an analog RGBsignal. ATFTLCDmonitor is a device  
that displays an input image byoperating a liquid crystalpanel. The TFThas a fundamentallydifferent  
structure than a CRT: Each cellhas an active matrixstructure and independent active elements. ATFTLCD  
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