Manual de instrucciones Philips DVD Player DVP-SR320

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The player will recognize a maximum of  
00 albums and 600 files. It can recognize  
up to 300 music files and 300 photo files  
when “PHOTO (MUSIC)” is selected.  
The player may not play a combination of  
two or more video files.  
The player cannot play a video file of size  
more than 720 (width) × 576 (height)/2 GB.  
Depending on the file, playback may not be  
smooth. You are recommended to create the  
file at a lower bit rate.  
The player does not operate properly.  
cWhen static electricity, etc., causes the player  
to operate abnormally, unplug the player.  
C:13:**” appears on the screen.  
cClean the disc with a cleaning cloth or check  
its format.  
C:31:**” appears on the screen.  
cRe-insert the disc correctly.  
The player may not play back the high bit  
rate video file on the DATA CD smoothly.  
You are recommended to play back using  
When playing visual data that is not  
supported by MPEG-4 format, only sound  
will be heard.  
The player does not detect a USB device  
connected to the player.  
cThe USB device is not securely connected to  
the player.  
cThe USB device or a cord is damaged.  
cDisc mode has not been switched to USB  
Note about recordable media  
Playable file format  
Some recordable media cannot be played on  
this player due to the recording quality or  
physical condition of the disc, or the  
characteristics of the recording device and  
authoring software. The disc will not play if it  
has not been correctly finalized. Also some  
DATA discs created in Packet Write format  
cannot be played.  
Video: MPEG-1 (Cyber-shot data)/MPEG-4  
simple profile)* /Xvid  
Photo: JPEG (DCF format)  
Music: MP3 (except for mp3PRO)/WMA  
, 2  
1, 2  
except for WMA Pro)* * /AAC* * /  
Files with copyright protection (Digital Right  
Management) cannot be played.  
The player does not play coded files such as  
For player that cannot play images that  
contain a copy protection only  
Images in DVD-VR mode with CPRM  
Supported extensions: “.avi”, “.mpg”,  
Content Protection for Recordable Media)  
.mpeg”, “.mp4”, “.jpg”, “.mp3”, “.wma”,  
.m4a”, “.wav”  
protection may not be played.  
Supported discs: DVD, DVD±RW/±R/±R  
DL, Music CD/Super VCD, CD-R/-RW  
Note on playback operations of DVDs and  
DATA CDs recorded according to ISO  
9660 Level 1/Level 2, or its extended  
Some playback operations of DVDs and  
VIDEO CDs may be intentionally set by  
software producers. Since this player plays  
DVDs and VIDEO CDs according to the disc  
contents the software producers designed,  
some playback features may not be available.  
Also, refer to the operating instructions  
supplied with the DVDs or VIDEO CDs.  
format, Joliet.  
DATA DVDs recorded according to UDF.  
The player will play any file in the above,  
even if the file format differs. Playing such  
data may generate noise that can result in  
speaker damage.  
To play a complex hierarchy of folders may  
take some time. Create albums with no  
more than two hierarchies.  
Some video, photo, and music files may not  
play, depending on the encoding/recording  
Note on discs  
This unit is designed to playback discs that  
conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard.  
DualDiscs and some music discs encoded  
with copyright protection technologies do not  
conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard.  
Therefore, these discs may not be compatible  
with this unit.  
To start playback and proceed to the next or  
another album/file may take some time.  

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