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channels. This may take some time, so do not  
press any buttons on the TV or remote while  
If a message appears for you to confirm the  
aerial connection  
Press F/fto select the country/region in  
which you will operate the TV, then press  
No digital or analogue channels were found.  
Check all the aerial/cable connections and press  
to start auto-tuning again.  
Programme Sorting (Only in analogue  
mode): Changes the order in which the  
analogue channels are stored on the TV.  
Press F/fto select the channel you want to  
move to a new position, then press g.  
2Press F/fto select the new position for your  
channel, then press .  
If the country/region which you want to use on  
the TV does not appear in the list, select “-”  
instead of a country/region.  
If you do not change the order in which the  
analogue channels are stored on the TV, press  
HOME to go to next step.  
Press F/fto select the location type in  
which you will operate the TV, then  
This step will not appear if any analogue channel is  
The message "Set-up complete" will appear on  
the screen. Press  
The TV has now tuned in all the available  
System Update  
You can update the TV system using USB memory.  
Obtain information from the website below.  
In Shop mode, some settings will be periodically  
reset for Shop usage.  
To tune the TV for Cable connection  
This option selects the initial picture mode  
appropriate for the typical lighting condition in  
these environments.  
Press F/fto select “Quick Scan” or “Full  
Scan”, then press  
"Quick Scan" : channels are tuned according to  
the cable operator information within the  
broadcast signal.  
Recommended setting for "Frequency" and  
: Auto-tuning the TV  
This option is recommended for fast tuning when  
Network ID" is "Auto".  
supported by your cable operator.  
If the "Quick Scan" does not tune, please use the  
Full Scan" method below.  
Full Scan" : All available channels are tuned  
and stored. This procedure may take some time.  
This option is recommended when "Quick Scan"  
is not supported by your cable provider.  
For further information about supported cable  
providers, refer to support web site:  
Press G/g/fto select “Start”.  
Press F/fto select “Antenna” or “Cable”,  
then press .  
The TV starts searching for channels. Do not  
press any buttons on the TV or remote.  
If you select “Cable”, the screen for selecting the  
scan type appears. See “To tune the TV for Cable  
connection” (page 7).  
The TV starts searching for all available digital  
channels, followed by all available analogue  
Some cable providers do not support “Quick Scan”. If no  
channels are detected using “Quick Scan”, perform “Full  
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